Challenge to Diaspora Kenyans: The “keroro” problem we imported from 254

Challenge to Diaspora Kenyans:Challenge to Diaspora Kenyans: The “keroro” problem we imported from 254: We have seen or heard many accidents caused by drunk driving and many innocent lives have been lost. Unfortunately, we are always quick to point figures and we miss the lesson.   If you drink and drive this could happen to you. You know yourselves & the keroro problem we imported from 254. Life here is a different ball game. You could loose your life, be disabled or spend your entire life in prison.
*Challenging my fellow Kenyans.*.

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1. If you are drinking with your friend and notice that he is intoxicated, please take away his car keys and offer a ride or a place to sleep.
2. When having home parties set time limit when it should extend. Anything after midnight is life threatening.
3. Set your limit. Anything after 3 bottles or glasses of wine is life threatening.
4. Remember whatever we are doing our kids are watching. They learn so fast to learn by observing.
5. Your life matters and so for others on the road.
6. Your relationship with your neighbors matters.
7. Please let us make news on a positive note.
8. Let us find alternatives for spending our leisure time.
9. Be part of games like soccer, baseball, Bowling, golf, basketball, biking, swimming, hiking and walking. They help you stay in shape and healthy.
10.  Belonging to a group of believers is not only for the old. The pursuit for happiness is when you encounter with Jesus Christ.
  *DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE*. if you must drink take Uber , find a designated driver or stay at home and drink all you can. Please DONT drive drunk.

By  Geoffrey Soyiantet


Challenge to Diaspora Kenyans: The “keroro” problem we imported from 254

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  1. James K says

    Indeed. Great observation sir

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