VIDEO: Oscar Sudi tells Uhuru to resign and go home now


VIDEO: Oscar Sudi tells Uhuru to resign and go home now
Kaspseret MP Oscar Sudi today claimed the political marriage between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto is irretrievably broken.

A visibly agitated Sudi at a media briefing on Wednesday in Eldoret said the Jubilee government has failed Kenyans and it is high time the president vacates office because he can no longer execute his mandate diligently.

“Apparently, the relationship between the president and his deputy is like of a man and a woman who are married but sleeping in different houses and indication that the union is over. Kenyans should not be cheated to believe they are still in good terms,” claimed Sudi.He said despite Mr Ruto claiming on several occasions that he (Ruto) and the President enjoy a cordial bond, the difference is glaring for all to see.

“It is obvious there is no bromance still existing in the Presidency as it was before all this has been fueled by succession politics and the fight for dynasties and the hustlers.  President Kenyatta should hand over power to someone else,” claimed the lawmaker.Sudi also claimed Ruto knows that he no longer has the president’s ear and that Jubilee administration is not turning out as envisaged.

“If you see senators and governors on the streets demonstrating over an issue that would have otherwise be solved then there is a big problem. The center cannot hold anymore,” he said.Concerning the ongoing fight against graft, Mr Sudi said that what the government is doing is just ‘shadow boxing’ and castigated the president for failing to convene a Jubilee party meeting.

“We know that there are many other people lined up to be arrested over trumped up graft up charges and Kenyans should pray hard for deliverance from dynasties who want to ensure the gap between the rich and the poor widens by the day,” he said.

He asked the president to walk along the streets of Nairobi and ask the locals how life is claiming that many have closed shop due to low sales

Source The Standard Newspaper

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