Kenyan MP Caught Up in Ugly Baby Mama Drama After Son’s Death in US


Kenyan MP Caught Up in Ugly Baby Mama Drama After Son’s Death in US: Ikolomani MP, Bernard Shinali, has denied blocking the mother of his son Chris Atema, who died in US, from participating in the funeral arrangements.

Shinali dismissed the claims by Petronilla Munyasa, who he stated he hadn’t seen for 35 years.

“I have not seen her for the last 35 years. The child was brought to my home when he was in Standard 8. Her family demanded payment for raising him. I paid the family cash and started educating the boy,” he stated.

Ikolomani MP Bernard Shinali speaking at a past event
“Let her clarify if she had tried to apply for a passport and I failed to intervene. If she has been blocked from travelling to the US then its the government, and not me,” Shinali added.

The legislator disclosed that when he got reports about his son’s death, she sent her brothers to his home.

“We had a cup of tea together before I left for the US. It is wrong for her to say that I have shut her out because I don’t have her contact,” he defended himself.

Petronilla had claimed that she was excluded from the burial arrangments.

She also demanded a piece of any compensation that may be paid out, seeing that the deceased was a US Marine soldier.

According to the MP, she is free to take part in the funeral once the body arrives in Kenya, on Sunday.

On compensation, he said the matter would be addressed by his daughter-in-law and her two children and not him or Munyasa.

Chris Atema, the late son of Ikolomani MP Bernard Shinali

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