Kenyan Woman gives birth in a taxi, lesos used to cover the windows

Kenyan Woman gives birth in a taxi, lesos used to cover the windows : A woman on Wednesday gave birth inside a taxi in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

The woman, who works for a microfinance institution in the city, complained of labour pains while at work and got into a taxi but halfway through the journey she told the driver to stop the car.

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This was outside Nation Centre and members of the public quickly rushed to the scene to assist her.

A number of people surrounded the car and used lesos to cover the windows of the vehicle in a bid to block curious onlookers who were craning their necks to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

A few minutes later, medics from the nearby Meridian Medical Centre came to offer assistance after guards alerted them.

According to a colleague of the lady, she had spent the entire day at work but experienced pains later in the day.

“She told me she felt as if she was about to deliver. I was shocked and we started looking for a vehicle to take her to hospital,” said the colleague.

She added that she had requested for a taxi to take them to Nairobi West Hospital but as they were near Nation Centre, her condition worsened.

“We had to stop the taxi driver and seek help,” she said.

The taxi driver said he had to stop and ask for help to ensure the woman and the baby were safe.

“I had to stop driving and allowed the doctors and nurses and other well-wishers to help the woman,” he said.

After delivery, the woman and her newborn were attended to at Meridian Hospital before they were transferred to Nairobi West Hospital.

By Vincent Kejitan

Source The Standard Newspaper

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