Missing’ Dutch Tycoon’s wife Speaks About Husband’s State Of Mind Before Disappearance


Missing’ Dutch Tycoon’s wife Speaks About Husband’s State Of Mind Before Disappearance

Missing’ Dutch Tycoon's wife Speaks About Husband’s State Of Mind Before DisappearanceTob Cohen, the missing Dutch tycoon was in an unstable state of the mind before his disappearance, the wife Sarah Cohen has said.

According to information published on her website, Sarah says that Mr Cohen would sometimes drink self to stupor before going rowdy on anybody who was around him.

“Tob Cohen is known around club circles across the country as a rowdy and controversial individual. Our friends and acquaintances have, over the years, witnessed dozens of incidents where Tob gets intoxicated, and thereafter becomes violent. I will not go into much detail about some of the racist, abusive and extremely racist things he has said and done in the past,” says Sarah.

This led him to be alienated from several social gatherings such as the Muthaiga Golf Club and the Windsor Golf & Country Club.

“In 2006, following violent conduct at Windsor Golf & Country Club, the incident ended up in front of their disciplinary panel. After deliberations, he was expelled from the club with immediate effect. In 2013, a similar incident took place, this time at Muthaiga Golf Club. In this case, he is accused of violent, disrespectful and threatening behaviour. This incident led to his suspension from the club for 6 months,” says Sarah.

Sarah, who is currently in police custody in connection to Mr Cohen’s disappearance, says that she was worried about Mr Cohen’s state of mind before disappearance, to an extend of contacting his brother Mr Bernard Cohen and Ms Gabrie Cohen as shown by the screenshots below.


“Tob has always had issues of aggression, abusive language and drug & alcohol abuse. My personal experience with the man has shown me that Tob is a perfect candidate for depression, bi-polar disorder, or some mild form of schizophrenia,” says Sarah.

At one incidence  in December 2018, at their daughter’s traditional wedding, held at their house in Nairobi, Tob is said to have become so intoxicated with alcohol to an extend of becoming rowdy against the guests who attended the ceremony.

“Tob had been drinking heavily that day, and by around 4 pm was quite intoxicated. It’s important for me to state that Tob is a frequent and heavy drinker and smoker (cigarettes, cigars and reportedly, weed). As the evening progressed, he got more and more rowdy, and was soon causing quite a scene with our guests,” adds Sarah.

According to an audio shared with the article shared on her website, Sarah says that Cohen wanted to have carnal knowledge with their daughters’ boyfriends, something that disgusted the guests.

At the party, which was on December 22, 2018, it is said that he would tell everybody that he was going to divorce the wife and chase out the daughter. Things got so worse that some guests reported the incidences at Spring Valley Police Station.

On December 23, 2018, Mr Cohen refused to join his wife and the guests on a safari, starting the separation journey between the two. That day, he announced to the workers that he was in a ‘war mood’ and nobody should speak to him.

At that evening, Mr Cohen with a guest exclusively invited by him broke into the family safe, taking all documents with him, marking the genesis of a bitter separation that led to his disappearance.

Since then, he kept telling Sarah that he would divorce her.

Mr Cohen went missing on July 20, after reportedly leaving home in a white car that had been waiting for him outside the gate.

The ex chief executive of Dutch conglomerate Phillips East Africa left home on July 20 at around 2pm in a white car. He had a briefcase in his hands.

A day before he went missing, a letter addressed to the Dutch Embassy in Nairobi and signed by his estranged wife indicated that he (Cohen) was battling depression and often picked fights with those around him.

“Tob has depression and mental condition he won’t address for personal reasons and this has (been) and is causing a lot of problems.

He has become impossible to live with, even though we try. The family has stepped aside due to the abusive and vindictive nature of his condition,” it stated.

Detectives are in possession of the said letter.

Sarah was arrested on Wednesday evening at her Kitisuru home over her husband’s disappearance.

Ms Kamotho was arraigned at a Kiambu Court where DCI officers sought 14 more days to further probe the issue.

She will be arraigned tomorrow.

In recent media interviews, Mr Cohen’s sister Ms Gabrie alleges that her brother was in a stable condition, conflicting Sarah’s narrative.

Here’s Gabrie’s perspective:-





Missing’ Dutch Tycoon’s wife Speaks About Husband’s State Of Mind Before Disappearance

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