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Nameless and Wahu 14-year wedding anniversary-marriage at first was hard

Nameless and Wahu 14-year wedding anniversary-marriage at first was hard: 14 years ago, Megarider hitmaker Nameless wed his sweetheart Liar songstress, Wahu.

Kio Mathenge

The music legends met in 1998 after their friend Neto introduced them, Wahu revealed in a past interview.

Tumiso Mathenge

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“But our first official date was on a Boxing Day,” Nameless added. “Wahu came an hour late!”

They have supported each other’s careers through the years

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After lunch at Wimpy Restaurant, which used to be in Corner House, they went on a walk in the quiet, deserted CBD talking and getting to know each.

They got married on the shores of Lake Naivasha after dating for seven years

Courtship was ‘fun’, Wahu recalls. “We were young and carefree. We didn’t do very complicated things; we really just enjoyed each other’s company, no matter the setting.” Dates were simple. They’d go on picnics, camp, watch movies and club.

They have taken to trolling each other on social media, much to the amusement of their fans

Nameless knew that she was the one within the first two years of dating. “We got married on September 10, 2005,” Nameless said.

“Our wedding day turned out to be beautiful and perfect,” Wahu says. “But marriage at first was hard. It was only after a couple of years that we began to find our rhythm as a married couple.”

Marriage hasn’t been easy but they have learnt how to handle their differences away from the public eye

Nameless and Wahu have had their fair share of marital problems but they have swum against the current together as one cohesive unit, reiterating their vows. For better or worse they will do it together.

They have two daughters Tumiso and Kio

“…being in the limelight makes you an easy target for them [media],” Wahu said. “We cannot let them destroy what we’ve taken so long to build. Instead, the negativity draws us even closer together.”

The two have two daughters, Tumiso (13) and Nyakio (6). “They are both uniquely special. Tumi for example is so empathetic towards other people’s needs and feelings, and is such a strong wildlife enthusiast. Nyakio is very organised and loves cleanliness. She is also and quite the charmer. They are both such a joy,” explained Wahu.

Nameless has been Wahu’s number one cheerleader as transitions into gospel music

To young couples they advise managing expectations, listening to each other, allowing individuality in their unions, respecting and understanding each other’s points of view. They also advocate for marriage counselling because it helps put things in perspective especially in the early years.

At the 2019 Groove Awards where Wahu was got an award

Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Mathenge.

Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Mathenge

By Audrey Masitsa and Lutfiya Wanjiru

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