Optiven is now the Official Home for Kenyans in Diaspora & Associates


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Optiven is now the Official Home for Kenyans in Diaspora & Associates
Optiven Now the Official Home for Kenyan Diaspora & Associates

A home is a place where we feel loved and wanted. It is a tranquil domicile that always takes us in, offering us both warmth and a sense of belonging.

The inhabitants of a home enjoy certain liberties and privileges that will not be found anywhere else.

Here at Optiven, we endeavor to fashion ourselves as the ultimate domicile for our Dispora clients by constantly understanding their needs and offering solutions to these needs.

We started off by establishing a fully-fledged unit that has been in charge of all Diaspora clients, friends and partners.

The unit has been helping the Diaspora to meet their various goals. This includes empowerment forums on how to invest wisely back home. We have also been assisting them with errands involved in acquiring various documentations; including passports and IDs etc.

Besides these and guided by the fact that it is crucial for a human being to unwind and relax once in a while, especially when you come visiting your mother country, we have been organizing free holiday trips

Mombasa, Amboseli, MasaiMara and other amazing destinations. So far, over 200 Diasporians have enjoyed these holidays.

This year 2020 and more than ever before, we have set out to create opportunities and platforms that will enhance solid family relationships. It is in this spirit that we have planned Exclusive Diaspora Entertainment Dinners specially for our Diaspora clients and Associates. Those interested in attending these dinners can select and book their preferred dates


Kindly go ahead and pick your preferred date/s right away on the link above to enable Optiven to prepare adequately for you in an amazing way.

For those who are not able to attend these dinner events, all you need to alert us when you visiting Kenya and we can specially organize a dinner for you as an individual (book your date on this link below this message and experience a customized treatment.

These Dinners & Entertainment will be held at our No. 1 Family Entertainment centre in Africa (www.funplace.co.ke)

We thank all our friends in Diaspora as we continue to build long a lasting relationship, empowering one another and moving to the next level that focuses family relationships.

Join the Optiven Family Today

We look forward to Seeing during your upcoming +254 visit.

Call us on: 0790 66 77 99
Email: diaspora@optiven.co.ke
Website: https://www.optiven.co.ke/diaspora/optiven-now-the-official-home-for-diaspora-ambassadors-associates/

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