VIDEO: Kenyan Mother Arrested And Incarcerated in Massachusetts For No Reason

VIDEO: Kenyan Mother Arrested And Incarcerated in Massachusetts For No Reason

VIDEO: Kenyan Mother Arrested And Incarcerated For No ReasonSad video as Kenyan mother in Massachusetts is arrested while trying to get to her son in school. Liz Gathoni recorded the moments from pleading with the police to allow her see her son to minutes later when the police arrest her for no reason. Read the story below and help.

Who am I? (Liz Gathoni), a black single mother of 3 sweet boys age 17,11 & 8. attending public schools in Acton,Massachusetts. I moved to Acton so my children could achieve a good education in a quiet and safe environment.

Summary-I was falsely arrested and incarcerated after being called to my 8-year-old child’s elementary school on January 9,2020. Although called to meet my son, they wouldn’t let me see him. My son was forcibly sent to a nearby hospital emergency room, where he stayed for 29 hours, separated from me and the rest of his family.

The back story is the school had failed over the course of several months to stop the bullying of my child, and then made a series of further damage to my son. Call for action- I am raising money to pay legal fees and costs for legal representation as soon as possible.

There are numerous issues that need to be handled, and am facing the continuing challenge of facing off against an affluent town, and it’s regional school district, each with its own separate law firms,and all the resources of each of those municipal governments at their command, we need your support! Please contribute if you can! Whatever you can contribute will help My family, and we will greatly appreciate it.

What are we trying to achieve? We are securing rights for our children to be educated in a safe environment free of emotional and physical harm. And to protect our family from further harm and to gain a measure of justice to help the healing process.

We also hope to deter similar rights violations in our school system as we join with other parents and citizens to improve our school and community.

Although my two elementary school children have currently made a safe transfer to another school in the same district, the school district and town have taken preemptive measure time to avoid accountability, and they are potentially going to harm us more as they aggressively seek to defend their misconduct. Click the Gofundme account to help-

Thank you very much for any help you may provide. God bless you! Liz.

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