VIDEO: Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s Son Evans Kariuki Gives updates


VIDEO: Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s Son Evans Kariuki Gives updates

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Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s son, Reverend Evans Kariuki has broken silence over his mother’s health condition. The US-based Reverend revealed on a YouTube video that, the former Starehe MP was in critical condition when she was taken to hospital but currently responding well to treatment.

“I am the son of Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and I wanted to thank everyone for the thousands of prayers that we have received,” he says in the video.

The founder of Jesus Is Alive Ministries was reported to have tested positive for Covid-19 just days after hosting a group of people at her home.

“When my mother was taken to hospital, the doctors said she had a blood oxygen level of below 60 per cent, which was very dire and she was taken to the ICU unit. She was not able to breathe on her own,” he stated.

The family then activated prayer events but they remained firm throughout that difficult moment.

Speaking to, Dr. Edwin Gitu, a general medical practitioner with Aga Khan Hospital explained that the low blood oxygen levels recorded were most likely a result of a highly compromised respiratory system due to the Covid-19 infection.

“The normal blood oxygen level is anything from 98 percent and above. If a patient’s level drop below 90 percent, they require supplement support for oxygen,” he stated.

The medical doctor added that if the situation is not corrected a patient may suffer irreversible organ failure.

“When admitted in the ICU, the patient gets assistance from the machines including heart support, ventilators and dialysis until their system can function on its own,” Dr Gitu explained.

After the ordeal, Kariuki further revealed that his mother had responded well to medication and that she would soon be discharged from hospital.


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