Dennis Itumbi was wrong: Truth about Raila’s travel Abroad

Dennis Itumbi was wrong: Truth about Raila’s travel Abroad
Dennis Itumbi was wrong: Truth about Raila's travel AbroadThere has been a lot of speculations out there especially on social media about Raila Odinga’s health after Dennis Itumbi posted on his social media about Raila’s travel abroad for “medical treatment”. According to ODM spokes person Phillip Etale, Dennis was wrong and his story was all lies,here below is Etale’s statement giving the truth about Raila’s trip Abroad:
Fellow Kenyans; one hour ago, I rang my boss HE Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga. I had a lengthy chat with him (to be precise 10 minutes). The nature of discussion was work related. But after our main agenda, we talked politics.
Now, let me share with you what we discussed on the bit about politics;
For the past two days, the social media space has been awash with half truth and half lies about the whereabouts of Hon. Raila. A section of the political divide in Kenya has been excited about the news being peddled on social media by some busybodies whose agenda is only to whip emotions and sensationalism. They want to be spectacular to please their bosses.
One Dennis Itumbi has been such a vocal person. I respect Dennis’s zeal for exclusives. Coming from journalism background, we both know how excited the editor would get if a journalist walked into the newsroom and shouted “hey guys, I got an exclusive story here”… there will be joy and hullulation in the newsroom.
Mr. Itumbi posted about Hon. Raila’s trip overseas. He even posted registration number of the aircraft he used to fly out of the country (Sunday) and how he entered Wilson Airport blah blah blah!
Indeed, Dennis is right to write that Hon. Raila flew out of the country, but wrong to insinuate the reasons for his trip abroad.
Last week, Hon. Raila Odinga visited KEMRI headquarters to take his test for Covid-19, (there was noise on social media and of course orchestrated by Itumbi).
The following day, he went back for the results of his test. The results turned NEGATIVE perhaps to the disappointment of Itumbi, his cousin Onesimus Kipchumba Murkomen and other insensitive megalomaniacs who belong to a sinking ship called Tangatanga or is it A Silly outfit.
They charged at Hon. Odinga wondering why results could be out in a day. They were joined by their sympathizer sopranos in the media who also hit the same social media to join into the fray.
After all said and done, Raila was issued with a certificate to certify that he was Coronavirus negative. The certificate bore the coat of arms and official title of the Ministry of Health (GoK).
After the issuance of the certificate, Hon. Raila elected to address the media to explain why he had to take the test.
He said that part of the process was to clear him and issue him with the clearance certificate to enable him to embark on international duties that involve traveling across the borders. He said the certificate is part of the new Covid-19 rules by the World Health Organization and IATA.
The truth of the matter is, Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga travelled out of the country on Sunday afternoon. It is an open secret that he stated while addressing the media outside KEMRI offices that he would soon be travelling out of the country on African Union assignments as the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa. He travelled as earlier indicated.
The lie is that, he was flown out of the country for treatment.
Raila Odinga is human being, in 2010 when he fell sick, it was made public. He was admitted and treated at the Nairobi hospital. He was Prime Minister then.
He has on other occasions been taken ill and sought treatment at local facilities. Itumbi and his SOLOIST and the uncouth ORCHESTRA know exactly that. If he were sick today, Dennis Onyango or myself would not have hesitated to let the public know.
It is however unimportant for one to dwell on someone’s life as is he depends on that person for a living.
For one to behave like an over fed housefly trying to lazily land on anything it can possibly do, is an embarrassment to the human race. Infact, a man whose business is to purport to speak about anything, everything and everyone without purpose, is a sign of idleness and a lack of work to do.
President Uhuru Kenyatta, get your boy something to do. Maybe he will be busy and concentrate on the duties that will come with his ToR. Wherever he is, only makes him become lazy and desperate for attention.
Thank you.


Dennis Itumbi was wrong: Truth about Raila’s travel Abroad 

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