Kenyans Can Now Get Married Online Through eCitizen


Kenyans Can Now Get Married Online Through eCitizen

Kenyans Can Now Get Married Online Through eCitizenThe government on Friday, July 10, launched online marriage services for couples looking to make the commitment.

During the launch, State Law Office Chief Administrative Secretary Winnie Guchu stated that couples intending to get married will be able to access the service on the eCitizen portal.

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The CAS explained that the measures were in line with changes in government operations aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19.

“There will be no more manual services at the registrar of marriage at Sheria House as all services will be available online.

“We do not want any couple coming for services at Sheria House unless it is of utmost importance,” she stated.

The registration process will be entirely online with couples required to register their details on the portal, pay for the marriage fee, book for a pre-wedding interview and later get an appointment for the wedding to be officiated by the registrar.

Couples will not be allowed to pick their wedding date.

The schedule will have to be adhered to and if not the couples will have to book new dates. After completion of registration on the platform, couples will still be given 21-days’ notice for approval just as it was in the manual process.

In the new guidelines, garden weddings will be limited to 15 people while private ceremonies at the Attorney General’s office will now be restricted to four people.

CAS Guchu noted that only two couples will be allowed to tie the knot per day.

The process will however be first rolled out in Nairobi, and thereafter in other counties.

In May 2020, marriage services were suspended at the office of the Attorney General due to high numbers that raised fears of the spread of Covid-19.


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