VIDEO: Junet and Joho Condemned for spending Ksh30M to visit Raila

VIDEO: Junet and Joho Condemned for spending Ksh30M to visit Raila

Bahati Member of Parliament (MP) Kimani Ngunjiri on Tuesday, July 14 slammed Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and Suna East MP Junet Mohamed for allegedly spending Ksh. 30 million to visit former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in Dubai.

Ngunjiri claimed that the Ksh. 30 million would have been put to better use to benefit Kenyans especially at a time when Kenya is combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Junet and Joho spent Ksh. 30 million on a jet to go and visit a patient, they are not remembering that there are people who lack jobs, Ksh. 30 million is what was publicised and maybe when you add up everything it could come to Ksh. 1 billion,” he scolded.

“Why are we spending all this money carelessly? If we could have been told the money was used to cater for Raila’s bills that’s okay that’s a disease and we must assist every Kenyan,” he stated.

The Bahati MP noted that Kenyans are dying of Covid-19 with the country struggling to procure testing kits due to lack of enough funds.

He added that the money would have been channeled into the Kazi Mtaani program to benefit youths, especially in Nakuru county.

Junet and Joho left the country on Thursday, July 9 for Dubai to visit Raila who had undergone minor back surgery and was recuperating in the Middle East state.

Raila jetted back into the country on Sunday, July 13 after a three-week medical stay in Dubai aboard the luxurious Aviation Airline Airbus.

The Bahati MP also faulted Raila and ODM party members for what he called inequitable budget allocation.

“It’s is something sad, because the people opposing it were from ODM and I’m wondering because Raila has been claiming all through that the country’s resources are not being properly allocated.

“I agreed with him because resources have to be allocated according to the population, not county size which is what Raila’s team was fighting for in the Senate,” noted Ngunjiri.

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