Video of US-based Kenyan man Evans Kariuki teaching his son sheng

Video of US-based Kenyan man Evans Kariuki teaching his son sheng

Video of US-based Kenyan man Evans Kariuki teaching his son sheng Many Kenyan parents go through a lot of challenges raising their children in the country, that goes without saying. Well, it is double the struggle for Kenyan parents who live away from the motherland and still have to show their young ones the roots.

It may be a daunting task but not for US-based Reverend Evans Kariuki who has taken upon himself to teach his two sons about their homeland Kenya and everything going on there.

The Firebrand man of God recently warmed hearts on social media after sharing a video of himself teaching one of his sons some popular sheng words. If you have been following the showbiz lately, you must be aware of Kanairo’s Madocho and his gang Gotta City who are currently taking the music scene by storm. Madocho introduced a couple of sheng words which have been going viral and impressing many people regardless of their age, race or gender

Reverend Evans thought it wise to bring his son up to speed with the latest sheng words such as Monchooka through a Swahili class. In a video seen by on the Reverend’s official Instagram account, Evan is seen teaching is son sheng words with the word Monchoooka being among the interesting one the son seemed impressed with.

The son tickled many people as he tried to pronounce Monchokaa and Utanauwoo but also impressed quite a number who loved his zeal in learning the sheng words. Netizens were impressed and could not help but laud the father and son for their fun moment and also a learning opportunity. understands Reverend Evans lives in the US with his family where they are running a popular church dubbed Eternal Life Harvest Center (ELHC) in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Apart from the ministry, Kariuki is the founder of Circle K Supply Chain Solutions Group, which is a company headquartered in Canal Winchester, Ohio. The Supply Chain Consulting, Lean Training & Education, and 3PL Solutions Company was founded about 10 years ago and its value is estimated at Sh2.7 billion, making the man of God one of the richest Kenyans in the US. Evans is also an award-winning author and has authored many books including Firebrand—a Supernatural Encounter with God, Fearless and When Heaven Speaks—The Secret of The Red Heifer.

By  Douglas Mwarua



Video of US-based Kenyan man Evans Kariuki teaching his son sheng

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