Uhuru Look-Alike Michael Njogo affected by fame, now wallowing in alcohol


Uhuru Look-Alike Michael Njogo affected by fame, now wallowing in alcohol

Uhuru Look-Alike Michael Njogo affected by fame, now wallowing in alcoholJoe Matheri, the former manager of Michael Njogo Gitonga, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s look-alike, has urged well-wishers to join hands and assist his friend, whom he argued was affected by fame.

In an interview with a YouTube vlogger, on Monday, March 15, Matheri alleged that Gitonga had dumped his family and was wallowing in alcohol, a few days after being kicked out of a 4 bedroomed mansion.

Gitonga, a resident of Umoja, rose to fame in August 2020 after some of his photos went viral on social media. He said that the temporary prominence affected his lifestyle as people mobbed him with requests, from money to those seeking all kinds of assistance.

He was reportedly offered a car by an automobile company and was also given a house in a lavish suburb. His former manager who claimed to have guided him to fame argued that the car was dilapidated and Gitonga reportedly needed to be rehabilitated.

“I don’t know who gave him the house or who kicked him out of that new house. I suspect it may be a relative of the first family. I visited him and he was not living with his family. His children occasionally visited him too but not his first wife. His children referred to the other women as mothers. Those he picked up after being famous.

“He changed his attitude and started living a posh lifestyle. The car is broken and damaged. The lights, windscreen, bumper and bonnet have been smashed. He appears to be drunk always and damages the car by ramming into every obstacle.

Matheri said that the house was well furnished from the living room to the kitchen and bedroom and had all sorts of electronics. The ex-manager added that Gitonga needed medical attention as drug abuse was almost ruining his life.

He reached out to Uhuru’s look-alike during the interview, who refuted the claims and urged him to desist from making such allegations.

“Why are you making such remarks? My life is my own. Whether I drink or not. Focus with your own,” Gitonga, also known as Uhunye, said and hung up the phone call.

In a previous interview with a vlogger on Monday, March 1, the President’s look-alike said that he was used by advertisers and marketing agencies to generate revenue.  He said that he moved in with his family but was chased out after four months

“That’s a story, people use you. You can’t move to a high-end life when all they were doing when they gave me the house was advertising. They took advantage of me. They were not treating me well. Am now back to my former residence,” he said.

According to Gitonga, the only thing he retained from his moment of fame was the car from Maridady Motors. He added that he resorted to doing menial jobs and urged Kenyans to support him.




Uhuru Look-Alike Michael Njogo affected by fame, now wallowing in alcohol

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