Keep Winning: Let Today’s Success Be A Warm-Up For Tomorrow’s Win


Keep Winning: Let Today’s Success Be A Warm-Up For Tomorrow’s Win

Keep Winning: Let Today’s Success Be A Warm-Up For Tomorrow’s WinMost of our parents used to be at their best during “those days”, or they have made us believe so. You will hear phrases like “during our times, we excelled at everything…. we knew how to navigate through life…. we were this, we were that, and always the top of the class.” We cannot dispute their allegations  because we were not there, but at least we can agree with them that during their days, discipline was on another level. You have heard stories of how the whole community could discipline a child and that was a norm, unlike the current world where children can take their own parents to court for violating their “rights”.  Ask them what they are doing now with their grandchildren or even children, and that will be very disrespectful.

Yesterday’s success is the enemy of today’s victory if that’s where we want to dwell. There are people who keep retelling their past triumphs, with little or absolutely nothing to show for their current lives. You will be told of how great they were at business, or how they were the mightiest and unbeatable, and so forth.  Looking at them, however, you keep doubting every success story they share. A wonderful imagination it is, of how things used to be, but that is in the past. It is a bygone. The reality is here with us, and what’s important is how we handle it now, not how we used to.

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Don’t let your today’s win overcome your ability to keep winning. Instead of having to tell people that you used to be smart and successful, keep working such that your success will speak for itself. Don’t brag about how a brilliant person you used to be, let your brilliance do the work for you. Used to be at the top? Why get down to tell us about it? We are all at the bottom and whether or not you were at the top yesterday won’t really matter. Spare your words and stay at the top, we’ll see you there.

When tempted to dwell on and pride in past victory, remember that it will remain in the past. Let today’s success be a warm-up for tomorrow’s win and not the comfort of yesterday.  Let bygones be bygones, as it is often said. Challenge yourself for a bigger win today, and yet a greater one tomorrow. Even if you lose a battle or two, stay on course, you are still winning. Just don’t stagnate on today when tomorrow can be better.

Forward ever, Impossible is Nothing!

By Elizabeth Ekakoro Bore: Diaspora Messenger contributor

Keep Winning: Let Today’s Success Be A Warm-Up For Tomorrow’s Win




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