Excitement as Miguna Miguna Shares Photo of His Beautiful Daughters (PHOTOS)

Excitement as Miguna Miguna Shares Photo of His Beautiful DaughtersOn Friday, exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna took the internet by storm after he for the first time shared never seen before photo of his three beautiful daughters.

Miguna who is expected to return to Kenya on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 captioned the photo with words saying that it was the joy of fatherhood.

Excitement as Miguna Miguna Shares Photo of His Beautiful Daughters
Miguna Miguna Shares Photo of His Beautiful Daughter

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He went on to say that he will see them soon, referring to them as ‘Daughters of Kano’

“The joy of fatherhood! Cheers and Viva Nyi Kano! See you soon,” he tweeted.

It however, remains unclear if his daughters are currently in Kenya or Canada and if his message was a goodbye.

Netizens who got to see the photo could not hold their words, some even requesting to be given their social media handles so that they can follow the gorgeous Miguna offsprings.

Here’s what they said;

@KahihuKrek General zombies want to marry your girls so that they can enlightened them. Viva

@IanGuru254 KOT dci do your thing get us their social media handles asap

@alasirimotors i have a fleet of 15 range rovers i want to unleash on this jaber ! miguna let me manifest

@Victor_Esnas See you soon my Father-in-law.

@Oluoch101 This is Wonderful. How do I marry your daughter?

@IanGuru254 Beautiful girls.. Mali safi

@theboyfk So you have three daughters and all are girls, wow

@wa_thermos Do u want house boy? I can work under extra pressure mshahara naeza chukua Niki retire

@Bigman_ibrah Me i want the wild one

@Barasaaustins @MigunaMiguna, how many cows and goats should I bring? I’m well behaved, was brought up with the right virtues, I’m a successful businessman and I’m ready to marry and take care of this beautiful daughter of yours.

@_nixoon1 I have 50 cow’s for the middle one and we can still negotiate

@_dejounte Ahh you can make a good father in law to me sir!! ..kuna vile staki kusema what i own..kuna snitches wa KRA apa i have a heart which i can convert to fit the requirements of one of the pretty damsel. the one near me ofcourse! hopefully she an adult now.

@Realsteve95 My delegation is on the way.. palipo wazee hapaharibiki jambo.


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Excitement as Miguna Miguna Shares Photo of His Beautiful Daughters (PHOTOS)

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