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Jambo List Co-Owner Win’s a Car from Optiven’s FurahiaNaOptiven Campaign

Jambo List Co-Owner Win’s a Car from Optiven’s FurahiaNaOptiven Campaign
Serah virtually accepted her win, Toyota Passo after the interview by Captain Otoyo

Jambo List Co-Owner, Mrs Serah Munyiri won a Toyota Passo during Optiven’s
FurahiaNaOptiven Campaign that was held on Oct 1st 2021. Serah who resides in New
Jersey with her family received and acknowledged the win virtually via zoom while her older
sister Margaret and her family received and drove it home on behalf Munyiri. The vehicle
was the first among the three to be won in the campaign which was launched on 1st
October 2021. Serah and her husband are business and real estate investors both in Kenya
and the USA, they recently invested with Optiven Limited and hence were entered in the

Serah virtually accepted her win, Toyota Passo after the interview by Captain Otoyo

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Jambo List is a Business Marketing company based in the USA, you can visit their website
at In an interview, Serah said, she co-owns Jambo List with her
business partner Mrs. Teresa Njoroge and their target business is to market African owned
businesses based in the USA and Kenyan Businesses targeting to market their goods and
services to Kenyans in diaspora. Serah & Teresa are professionals in their fields and also
community leaders, organizers and builders. They Started Jambo List to try and encourage
others to support their own and help in containing the dollars within the African American
community. During their official launch, many community leaders in diaspora upheld the
work that these two powerful women have done and vowed to continue their support.

Serah was excited with the win of Toyota Passo, in her interview by Captain Otoyo, she said
when she got the call that she was indeed the winner, the feeling was a mixture of
excitement, joy and blissfulness all in one. Serah said it was the first time she ever won a
gift of this great value and was very grateful to God for the gift. She is happy to have
invested with Optiven and hopes that this will mark the starting of a business relationship
with Jambo List & Optiven. She was excited as she mentioned many Kenyan diaspora will
have many opportunities to invest in Kenya as she and her business partner continues to

build a Jambo List African Businesses directory with companies based in Kenya and
beyond. is an easy to use site for both business owners and
customers looking for goods and services offered by African. It is FREE to add your
business to the directory, on your directory page, you can add images, contacts, social
media accounts and details of your business. Click here to get to the registration page JL works like a free market where you display your
business with your contacts, website and social media handles for potential customers to
easily get intouch with you. Listing a business with a jambo List is FREE but advertising is
with a fee. To maximize your sale and exposure, advertise your business with a jambo List.
It is the fastest growing and the largest African Owned Businesses directory with large
social media presence as well as physical presence in many of the USA states. The most
famous advertisement products are the banner, the premium featured businesses and the
featured business
Above, Serah’s Sister receives the her vehicle key to the car form Optiven Limited Director

They currently have a sale ongoing and encourage you to advertise with them and take advantage of the limited time offer. Their aim is to ensure businesses based in Kenya wont find the need to travel to the USA or Canada to market to Kenyans living in diaspora as that is their speciality. At a fraction of the
cost,they are working with many businesses based in Kenya to market their products in the USA
without any travel requirements.

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Jambo list has been everything that Kenya and Africa need to tap into the hungry investors
who are ready and looking to invest heavily in Africa.

Jambo List is also working with Kenyan businesses planning to travel abroad to market
their goods and services to Kenyans in diaspora. They market their travel plans and make
arrangements for their visit, ensuring accommodation bookings and local travel
arrangements are made and their visit in the US is seamless, enjoyable and productive.
Many Kenyans in diaspora have lost trust with many businesses promising regit
investments and later going under with many diaspora deposits or even being scammed With jambo List, once a company registers with them,they
encourage customers to rate and share a review on the working relationship to help
potential investors. You can enter reviews on websites by visiting registered businesses at and rate or review the businesses that you work with.

Serah said she will continue to invest in real estate in Kenya and in the USA and she hopes the good ridden of winning and God’s blessings will continue to follow her. She is grateful to God for the gift of people and her community which she will continue to serve and support to increase our economic power. Serah is also a co-founder of Empowering People of African Descent (EPAD) a non profit that supports youth and young adults through mentorship, Culture and Education in diaspora.

To contact Serah or jambo list, you can use email at in**@ja*******.com, call or text
9739749077 or Facebook

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