Kenyan Woman Living in US Reunites with Son after 23 Years of Separation

Kenyan Woman Living in US Reunites with Son after 23 Years of Separation
Beatrice Wanjiku: Kenyan Woman Living in US Reunites with Son after 23 Years of Separation

Kenyan man Anthony Macharia had not seen his mother, Beatrice Wanjiku, based in the US face to face for 23 years. Through a tweet Kenya Airways, Macharia requested the national carrier to reach out to his mother and deliver to her his message, presumably about her homecoming after the many years.

The Kenya’s flag carrier acted on his request, flying back with the mother who could not hide her joy upon reuniting with her son.

“Captain Simon Musau and First Officer, Anthony Adeya decided to deliver the message in person. Happy reunion Macharia and Beatrice, enjoy and welcome home, mum!” stated KQ.

An evidently elated Macharia took to the same microblogging platform to thank KQ for acceding to his request. “Thank you so so much for seeing through my request truly the Pride of Africa! Thank you guys,” he tweeted.

In a similar story, a Kenyan woman recently warmed hearts online after forgiving and reuniting with her biological father, who abandoned her and her siblings many years ago.

The woman, identified as Gladwell Jebiwott, narrated how her father stopped taking care of them while they were young.

According to the lady, the dad provided nothing for them, which pushed them to move out of their home. She said the hardship they went through during that period of rejection moulded them into better people in society.

Because of bitterness, Gladwell and her siblings vowed never to be concerned with the dad, and they stayed for many years without seeing each other.

“Do not take anyone or anything for granted. Life has a way of humbling anyone under this sun. This is my biological dad, who absconded duties caring for his offspring. However, we vowed not to be concerned about him,” she narrated.

However, the lady disclosed she had to make a personal decision to let go of the pain her dad caused, and she forgave him.

After that, she visited her father at their home and ironed things out, bringing her peace. “I forgave him and thanked him.

The scenario prepared my other siblings and me to face life boldly and be humble and kind to anyone,” said Gladwell. Sharing the story on her Facebook page, the humble lady said everything happened for a reason, and no one should be judged by their past mistakes.

“You only have one biological dad, and I have met mine after many years face to face. Everything happens for a reason. As a middle child, I made peace with our papa,” she said.


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Kenyan Woman Living in US Reunites with Son after 23 Years of Separation

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