Mandatory Vetting Of The Candidates For Kenya 2022 Elections

Mandatory Vetting Of The Candidates For Kenya 2022 Elections
Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity: Mandatory Vetting Of The Candidates For Kenya 2022 Elections

Vetting of the Kenyans anticipating to be leaders in Kenya after the 2022 General Election, is essential as stipulated in the Kenya constitution. In almost all the previous elections, vetting of the would be leaders in Kenya was always overlooked and abandoned. The failure to vet the would be leaders in Kenya, has over the decades, resulted into the failure of providing Kenya with honest, transparent and accountable leaders, and in the end, some Kenyans contemplating to loot public funds to enrich themselves, have found their easy way into leadership positions. Many Kenyans have hence suffered in poverty and many others have died.

The IEBC, as the only tool with the legal responsibility of ensuring that honest, transparent and accountable Kenyans of high integrity, contest for leadership positions in the Nation, has a demanding obligation, of making sure it lives to its oath of office of rendering truthful and honest services to Kenyans. It is common sense to every Kenyan, that suspicion of crimes committed and/or hearsay about crimes committed, would not be enough grounds to disqualify an individual Kenyan, from contesting for a leadership position. But if and when a crime has been proved by a court of law, and a judgement has been entered, where a would be candidate for a leadership position has been charged by a court of law over the crime committed, the IEBC has the mandatory obligation, to disqualify such an individual Kenyan immediately, from vying for any public office.

The common crimes which have often affected the lives of most Kenyans, have been identified as the grabbing of land and the looting of public funds. Today, Kenya is loosing Kshs 6.8 billion every year to the looters of public funds. Over the last 4 decades, there has not been any system of Governance in Kenya, which has been able to contain, control and/or to end corruption in Kenya. This has been because over the years since independence of Kenya, almost 90% of the leaders in Kenya ended up in the looting of public funds, mainly because no vetting was ever conducted, to determine the level of the integrity of the would be leaders.

I wish to request you as the Chairman of the IEBC, to enforce meaningful vetting procedures of the would be candidates for the 2022 elections, by making sure that your office does not allow any Kenyan who has been charged in a court of law over a crime, and about who a judgement has been delivered against, to contest for any political position or any public office. If the current constitution does not provide your office with enough powers, security and protection to vet the would be leaders, it is high time for your office, aggressively goes full throttle, to lobby for those powers, for the extra security and for the needed protection from the Kenya Parliament, before the 2022 elections. It is still rife in the Kenyans minds, that the late IEBC IT chief, the late Mr. Christopher Chege Msando was possibly mysteriously murdered on political corrupt grounds. Kenyans are eager to have competent, honest and transparent Governance from the 2022 General elections, and they are banking all their hopes on your office.

The Kenya Parliament has also the demanding obligation to enact a new law which would provide enough security and more protection for the IEBC officials, and/or to amend the existing law on vetting, to achieve that goal. By providing more powers, more protection and more security to the office of the IEBC, you as the Chairman of the IEBC, with the other members of your staff, may exercise truthful, meaningful and competent vetting. It is only by thoroughly vetting the candidates, that the Kenyan Nation can be saved from the eminent collapse, and from any such corruption tendencies in future, as witnessed today. By a copy of this letter, I sincerely plead with the office of the Kenya Attorney General and with the Kenya Parliament, through the office of the Clerk of the Senate and through the office of the Clerk of the National Assembly, to necessitate the provision of more protection, more security and more powers to the IEBC Staff, in order to avoid the recurrence of a Msando episode, and also to avoid the already created fear in the office of the IEBC, so that the office can exercise its functions with courage and without favor, for a better Kenya. In this regard, I site the example of the Kenya Deputy President Dr. William Ruto, who has already declared his candidature for the Presidency of Kenya in 2022.

The Deputy President of Kenya was accused of a crime in a Kenyan court of Law on June 28, 2013, for stealing the land of a Kenyan known as Mr. Mutesi. He was charged in the court of law and ordered to return the 100 acres of land he had stolen from Mr. Mutesi, and he was also ordered to pay him, Ksh. 5 million for the damages and for the stress he caused him as a result. The IEBC should identify others with similar background, with the objective of barring them from running for any public offices in Kenya.

Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity
Tel: 12036759354.
-The Clerk of the Senate.

– The Clerk of the National Assembly

– The Kenya Attorney General.

Mandatory Vetting Of The Candidates For Kenya 2022 Elections 

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