Deported Kenyan Woman Rose Sends Emotional Letter to Ruler of UAE

Deported Kenyan Woman Rose Sends Emotional Letter to Ruler of UAE
Deported Kenyan Woman Rose Sends Emotional Letter to Ruler of UAE

A Kenyan woman who was deported from Dubai has sent an emotional letter to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ruler requesting a one-on-one meeting with him in order to present her grievances.

Speaking during an interview on Kenya Diaspora Media USA channel on Wednesday, April 27, the lady identified only as Rose, detailed her experience in the Arab country and a contractual blunder that led to her eventual deportation.

Born and bred in Kenya, Rose aspired to find greener pastures abroad in order to provide for her two children. In 2013, an opportunity to work in Dubai as a chauffeur for an esteemed Arabian family presented itself and she took up the job.

After working for seven months, a chaotic incident led to the family terminating the contracts for all employees working at the household. Rose was not spared as she found herself without employment.

Opting not to come back to Kenya, she found another job and sought to make the most out of the opportunity.

However, her past came back to haunt her as her new boss found out that her visa was blocked by her previous employer. The new boss urged Rose to address the matter with her former employer and get the visa regularised before she could continue working in the Middle East country.

“I went to my previous employer’s home and she stated that I was supposed to exit the country and come back afresh after my visa was unblocked. I was not aware at the time of the strict policies in Dubai and hence did not know how much trouble I was in. So my former employer instead took me to the police station and I was deported,” she stated.

Rose also noted that the pandemic period lessened her chances to get employment in the country.

Realising her mistake, Rose sought to apply for a visa on multiple occasions but all her applications were turned down. She has since painted a portrait of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai asking for remission.

She advised Kenyans in the diaspora to always read the fine prints of a contract before accepting any jobs.

Article 19 of the Dubai Immigration Law states that “Foreigners who have obtained residence license shall be subject to the provisions of Article (11) herein. They must leave the country upon the revocation of their residence permit or the expiration of its term.”

Here is her letter:

“To his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Dear Sir, My name is Rose, this letter comes to you as an apology for the mistake made while working in Dubai in 2013. It was my understanding that after the cancellation of the first contract for the first job I could go and search for another job without exiting Dubai.

On securing another job, my new employer requested another VISA from me after they found out that my previous employer had cancelled my VISA. From the consequences of my actions, I have learnt my lessons and humbly ask for your forgiveness for the mistake that I made. I would also apologise to my former boss.

As a token of the respect and esteem that I have for you and your country, please accept this portrait as a sincere apology from me for the above mentioned. I would like to have the opportunity to present this portrait to you in person.” 



Deported Kenyan Woman Rose Sends Emotional Letter to Ruler of UAE

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