Kenyan Man Arrested In India for Stabbing Seven People

Kenyan Man Arrested In India for Stabbing Seven People
Kenyan Man Arrested In India for Stabbing Seven People

A Kenyan national was on Wednesday arrested after he went on a rampage and stabbed seven people with a knife in India.

The man identified as Azad Maidan, 50 is said to have attacked the seven pedestrians randomly at the Parsi Bawdi near Bombay High Court.

According to local police the seven injured persons are out of danger while the attacker, who also sustained injuries on his hand, has been admitted to JJ Hospital.

Police are trying to ascertain whether Menty was under the influence of drugs or alcohol as he got violent after a verbal altercation with his female friend.

Upon interrogation, police reported that the suspect had left the house after a verbal altercation with a female friend and then proceeded to the Oval Maidan, where he went on a rampage, stabbing anyone in sight.

“He attacked seven persons and subsequently the locals present there informed the police control room, after which a team went to the spot to take control of the situation,” an officer told the media.

“The reason behind the attack is still unknown. We have detained him and questioning is on.”

Menty allegedly even tried to attack the police, but officers overpowered and took him to the police station.

Four of the injured persons were taken to JJ Hospital while the remaining three were admitted to GT Hospital.

“Only one person out of the seven has sustained serious injuries on his neck. The rest will be discharged,” said the officer.

One of the victims told local media that he tried to stab him on his neck but he luckily blocked the knife with his hands.

“I sustained injuries to a finger on my right hand. He later attacked more people and when police arrived, he tried to attack them as well,” the victim stated.

The police team managed to retrieve CCTV footage in order to analyse and find out the details that happened prior to the incident.

The officers said they will also cross-check the suspect’s records from the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office.



Kenyan Man Arrested In India for Stabbing Seven People

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