Kenyan Woman Nelly Cheboi Listed As Global Hero By CNN

Kenyan Woman Nelly Cheboi Listed As Global Hero By CNN
Kenyan Woman Nelly Cheboi Listed As Global Hero By CNN. Nelly Cheboi poses for a photo at Augustana College in Illinois,

CNN has listed philanthropist a Kenyan woman Nelly Cheboi as a global hero in its latest feature released on Thursday, July 14. Cheboi was featured for her life-changing initiative giving 4000 kids a chance for a brighter future.

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The Kenyan runs a nonprofit organisation, TechLit Africa, which uses recycled computers to create technology labs in rural Kenya.

“I know the pain of poverty, and that’s why I feel so passionate about it. I never forgot what it was like with my stomach churning because of hunger at night ” Cheboi, a software engineer appreciated being featured by the international media house.

The struggles of not owning a computer on campus pushed her to start the initiative, which is helping over 4000 kids in the country and making her a global revered figure.

TechLit Africa works with freight and shipping companies to transport the donated computers, to make them cost-efficient.

The donated hardware is wiped, refurbished and distributed to partner schools in rural Kenya.

Students aged 4 to 12 receive daily classes and frequent opportunities to learn from professionals and gain skills relevant to their education.

Her profile on Forbes states that Cheboi hires teachers and trains them to run the computer laboratories in their community.

She fully equips them to teach students living in neglected areas.

Cheboi explained that she intends to expand her venture across the continent by establishing laboratories to help kids access and learn digital skills.

“My hope is that when the first TechLit kids graduate high school, they’re able to get a job online because they will know how to code, they will know how to do graphic design, they know how to do marketing.

“The world is your oyster when you are educated. By bringing the resources and these skills, we are opening up the world to them,” she added.

Cheboi currently serves ten schools and plans to extend to over 100 in the coming years



Kenyan Woman Nelly Cheboi Listed As Global Hero By CNN

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