List Of Big Names William Ruto Ignored in His Cabinet Appointments

List Of Big Names William Ruto Ignored in His Cabinet Appointments
List Of Big Names William Ruto Ignored in His Cabinet Appointments

President William Ruto on Tuesday unveiled his Cabinet to the country in a televised State address held at State House, Nairobi. The Cabinet list has received mixed reactions among Kenyans; with a section praising it while some criticizing.

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Kenyans like Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi lauded the appointments. “President William Ruto in his cabinet nominations took care of both foot soldiers and Generals of his campaign a team…and remembering/rewarding your team in the trenches and in the fields after victory is a good virtue of a leader…congratulations to all the nominees,” Ahmednasir tweeted.

A closer look at the Cabinet list paints a pictures of names that were widely expected among Kenyans. Many of those appointed had stood with the President during the campaign period and it was incumbent upon him to reward them for that. But surprisingly, some big names that were close to the President were conspicuously missing from the list.


Here are the big names that many thought would land in Cabinet:

Former Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok

Immediately after the 2017 elections, the former Turkana Governor shifted allegiance from ODM leader Raila Odinga to President William Ruto.

He stood with him through thick and thin and was even the Head of his presidential campaign.

His absence from the Cabinet shocked some Kenyans who thought that he deserved the appointment considering that he was a senior official in the Presidents camp.

“Josephat Nanok, what happened,” ODM party director of communications posed on his Facebook page.

David Ndii

He was touted as the best economist of our time.

He defended and highlighted the Kenya Kwanza Agenda to Kenyans through his social media and even TV interviews.

He is even reported as the brains behind the bottom up economic model.

Many believed his acumen in matters dealing with the economy will see him land a role at the treasury.

Surprisingly, he was not among those named by Ruto.

Johnson Muthama

After falling out with the Azimio leader Raila Odinga, former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama became an ardent stalwart of President William Ruto.

Muthama who is also the UDA party chairman was vocal in articulating the party matters and defending the president.

Many expected that having lost his bid to be governor will be rewarded with a cabinet appointment but that did not happen.

Ndidi Nyoro

Nyoro is a close confidant of President William Ruto.

He defended him during campaigns and even championed his agenda.

Nyoro was more often seen close to the president and he even accompanied him to private and official functions within and out of the country.

Many thought he could be awarded with a post that never happened.

He is likely to remain Kiharu member of parliament.

Hassan Omar

He was among the chief defenders and campaigners of president William Ruto in the Coastal region.

Having missed out on the governor seat he was eyeing in Mombasa county, it was expected that a Cabinet slot could be accorded to him.

The president however did not consider him.

Okoth Obado

Obado was one of the few leaders from the Luo Nyanza who stood with Ruto.

At time when the region was solidly behind ODM leader Raila Odinga’s presidency, Obado remained solidly behind Ruto.

He stood with him and campaigned for him. Many predicted that he could have a cabinet role in Ruto’s government. That however did not happen.



List Of Big Names William Ruto Ignored in His Cabinet Appointments

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