Paul Gicheru’s Family Reveals Last Moments With The ICC Suspect

Paul Gicheru's Family Reveals Last Moments With The ICC Suspect
Paul Gicheru’s Family Reveals Last Moments With The ICC Suspect

Senior Counsel John Khwaminwa – Paul Gicheru’s family lawyer, has revealed that the International Criminal Court (ICC) suspect was not himself in the days leading to his death.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, September 27, Khaminwa recalled that the lawyer accused of interfering with witnesses looked stressed and dejected.

He further ruled out poisoning as the course of death which was widely reported in the media.

“It appears as if Paul Gicheru was not himself, he was in a stressful condition. That’s what I’m able to gather. What I’m reading on social media that he probably ate some food and so on it doesn’t appear to be so,” he stated.

Reports had alleged that Gicheru went to sleep after lunch, complaining that he was feeling unwell. At around 7 pm, his family discovered that he was unresponsive.

Additionally, Khaminwa stated that the family was waiting on the police to release a preliminary report on his death as they wait for the postmortem results.

“The cause of death is not really known because it is being investigated by the police. I have talked to the senior officers who are investigating the death. They were here yesterday.

“The best we can do is not to make reckless allegations. Let us find out what the investigators will come up with. We may decide to have a postmortem to look at the internal organs of his body,” he stated.

Further, he described Gicheru as his personal friend reminiscing moments they had together after warrants of arrest were issued against him.

“He would occasionally come to my office and we would have a meal. He liked a meal of ugali made out of sorghum with chicken,” Khaminwa stated.

Speaking to, Khaminwa added that the wife was already in Karen as other relatives continue to arrive to comfort her.

Gicheru died at his Karen home on Monday, September 26.

He was found with foam in his mouth according to OB No 54 filed at Karen Police Station. His son – who had returned from the United Kingdom (UK) was also rushed to hospital where he is recupperating.

The police and family are yet to give a formal update on his condition.



Paul Gicheru’s Family Reveals Last Moments With The ICC Suspect

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