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Be Aware of Groups Using Our Diaspora Organization Name

Be Aware of Groups Using Our Diaspora Organization Name
Be Aware of Groups Using Our Diaspora Organization Name. Photo of Dr. Robert Chiuri, OVC Founder President and Prof. Peter Ndiang’ui, OVC Director of Operations

Since its formation, Global Diaspora One Voice Consortium
(GDDF-OVC) has been involved in the struggle for social justice
and well-being of Kenyans in the Diaspora.

Our leadership and sectoral activities have been well received by Diaspora
community, governmental agencies and institutions. Through
their representatives, we collaborate with our member
organizations to ensure that the Kenyans in the Diaspora are not
left out in the decision-making process in our country.

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We are proud to report that we have made considerable progress
through our various socioeconomic, educational, technological,
and civic or governance projects.

This continued struggle includes the fight to make the concept of County 48-Diaspora a
reality. We are deeply involved in lining up the best ways in
which this goal can be achieved at the earliest convenience.

We are encouraged in this journey by the efforts of the newly
formed government to engage the diaspora more meaningfully
and not just remittances as expressed by H.E. President Dr.
William S. Ruto in his inaugural presidential speech. Where
there is a will, there is a way. Whereas we would love to have
the new county established as speedily as possible, we do
realize that this is a marathon and not a sprint. We are determined

to soldier on regardless of how long it takes to attain
this goal.

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It has come to our notice that there are groups using the name
of Global Diaspora One Voice Consortium (GDDF-OVC) as they
position themselves in an imaginary non-existent Diaspora
County 48 Kenya (DC48K) that has not yet been constitutionally
established and structured.

According to these groups, the supposed county already has an interim governor and other
officers are being vetted. Strange as it may sound; they have
formed or are in the process of forming a county government.
We hereby make it clear that OVC has nothing to do with this

The self-declared governor and his henchmen and women have
invited several of our members to join them purporting that they
are working with GDDF-OVC. This is causing a lot of confusion in
our midst and hence the need to set the record straight through
this press release. We hereby make it clear that we are not
working with either the self-declared governor or any of his
appointees. At this moment, formation of such a county
government is, at best a figment of imagination or at worst, an
act bordering on treason. GDDF-OVC cannot be a party to such
activities. Any of our leaders working in collaboration with such
organizations would not be working for or on behalf of GDDF-

On the contrary, we are collaborating methodically with the
Kenyan legislators (Senators and members of parliament) and
the Kenyan Executive to ensure that the goal of having a County
48- Diaspora is achieved.

The process is lengthy and requires
clearing various important hurdles like a referendum,
parliamentary bills, constitutional amendments etc. We will be
holding quarterly meetings with the legislators and
systematically work towards the goal of establishing this much
needed diaspora county.

Due to freedom of association, we
cannot stop any individual GDDF-OVC member from associating
with any organization but understanding that they are not
representing GDDF-OVC unless approved by the executive

All the same, we believe that association with the so-
called DC48K organization is a distraction and is highly
discouraged. We however encourage all organizations to
meaningfully engage the Government and people of Kenya in
making this great dream a reality in an atmosphere of civility,
selflessness, and mutual respect.

Robert W Chiuri
OVC President

Peter Ndiang’ui

Director of Operations

Sarah Munyiri

Public Relations


Be Aware of Groups Using Our Diaspora Organization Name

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