How to Acquire Land in 2023 Through Optivens Global Office

How to Acquire Land in 2023 Through Optivens Global Office
How to Acquire Land in 2023 Through Optivens Global Office

“Being around for 22+ years, We have thought about everything to make your property transaction hassle-free.” – Christine Kasaya, Global Markets Manager

You heard the hype around town, yes we indeed have an office dedicated to You – our investor in Diaspora. So how do you actually use this office to acquire a piece of land from any of our projects?

Here’s a 5-Step process to achieving this:

Connect with Us – The first step is always reaching out. When you get in touch with us through any of our channels (Social Media, WhatsApp, Website), we shall match you to a Property Advisor responsible for the region you are in. (1-2 Days)

Plot Selection – Your Property Advisor will share a current Subdivision Map of the project, it is also possible to personally access this information through Ms. Amani on WhatsApp. Identify a plot(s) of your preference from the given open or reserved plots from the Subdivision Map. (3-5 Minutes)

Availability Check – It is important to ascertain the availability of the plots in the project you’ve expressed interest in. Your Property Advisor will conduct a quick availability check with the Accounts department. (10 – 20 Minutes)

Plot Booking – Once the availability of the plot of your preference has been confirmed, the property advisor will share an offer letter for you to fill the details of the seller, their next of kin and purchaser, a description of the property on offer, and the proposed purchase price and modes of payment. In order to ‘lock’ the plot from being re-assigned.

Sale Agreement – With your information from the Offer letter, a Sale Agreement is sent to the you or your advocate for approval. After the execution of the sales agreement, You pay the agreed deposit through your preferred mode of payment. (1-2 Days)

If you settle the purchase at that point or you decide to take some time to finish payment whether through installments , You will only receive the Title Deed once you’ve have paid 100% of the purchase price.

You will receive your payment receipts within 1 day of making any payment and receipt by our accounts office.

Keep Safe. Happy Holidays!

This month we’re empowering you with another fabulous opportunity to invest in land and still benefit. For EVERY KES 125,000 you make towards payment of a project or installment, we are giving you a KES 2500 CASHBACK!

Invest Today!

Together inspiring possibilities.


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How to Acquire Land in 2023 Through Optivens Global Office

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