Jambo List: The Simple Gateway to Diaspora Market for African Owned Businesses

Jambo List: The Simple Gateway to Diaspora Market for African Owned Businesses
Jambo List: The Simple Gateway to Diaspora Market for African Owned Businesses

Breaking into the Diaspora market is a huge challenge for many businesses not only in Kenya but across Africa. This lack of access leaves many businesses under a glass ceiling that limits their growth to the local market and eventually being a source of immense frustration.

Businesses of African origin that have already been in existence within the diaspora space have also been greatly limited by lack of a proper platform on which to reach a mass audience. This is the premise on which Jambo List was born.

Serah Munyiri (President), Mary Muturi (CEO) and Teresa Njoroge (MD) are the brains behind this company. They have lived in the United States of America for over two decades. The trio has generated enough firepower to run the industry from their accumulated wealth of experience and networks from the various industries they have worked in within America.

Backed by a great mission, Jambo List continues to connect African owned businesses with consumers worldwide by providing a platform where businesses can introduce themselves to consumers locally and globally. This has been achieved through creating an easy to use search engine for consumers to find exactly what they are looking for.

“I have lived in the United States for over 20 years and have faced a lot of challenges that led me and my partners to start Jambo List. One of the main challenges was to access African goods and services. We realized that there are many members of our community who own businesses but did not have a platform where customers could access their contacts,” explains Serah Munyiri, the Jambo List President.

Businesses listed on Jambo List have taken advantage of the platform to network while enjoying fulltime advertisement through social media and other forms of advertising creating awareness. Businesses are not the only beneficiaries. Individual investors and tourists seeking for opportunities within Africa are able to identify potential partners and hospitality places to visit.

These tailored services offered by Jambo List help both businesses and individuals make  informed decisions in investment by building solid and long lasting partnerships founded on trust.

A culmination of networking will be showcased at the 2023, annual Jambo List Diaspora Expo, happening on the 26th through the 28th of May at the Double Tree by Hilton, Somerset Hotel & Conference Centre, New Jersey.

Leaning on the original mission, the event brings together investors and businesses from Kenya and USA with the sole purpose of marketing goods and services to the diaspora community.

“We made it a business to advertise businesses. One of our current initiative is to promote businesses owned by Kenyans in Kenya that are looking into engaging the diaspora community. We are working with banks and real estate companies, among others, and that is why we have the event in May,” Serah adds.

The Kenya government will be adequately represented at this year’s event by the Cabinet Secretary for Lands, Public Works, Housing and Urban Development Zacharia Njeru who will also give the keynote address. The Principal Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Charles Hinga will also be among the speakers.

Diamond Trust Bank and Dhahabu Lands Limited are this year’s main sponsors with the event showing tremendous growth from the previous fiscal year.

Jambo List President Serah explains that the expo is aligned with the Kenya government’s initiative to increase imports into the US and insists that it is the intention of her team to form a great partnership and push the country forward.

Businesses and individuals wishing to take part in the expo can register by visiting www.jambolistexpo.com or contact Mary (+254 742 287 666), Serah (+1 908 812 7965) or Teresa +1 862 432 9042).

Jambo List: The Simple Gateway to Diaspora Market for African Owned Businesses

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