Challenges of Investing Back Home from Diaspora

Why most Diaspora Cliets end up loosing their money.


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Challenges of Investing Back Home from Diaspora
Challenges of Investing Back Home from Diaspora

Investing back home (country of origin) from abroad (diaspora investing) can come with several challenges due to the geographical and logistical distance. Here are some common challenges faced by people in the diaspora when investing in Kenya and potential remedies:

Lack of Local Information:

Challenge: Diaspora investors might lack up-to-date information about local property markets, legal procedures, and investment opportunities.

Remedy: Engage with reputable local real estate Companies or property consultants who can provide correct/true insights into the market trends, property values, and legal requirements.

Property Scams and Fraud:

Challenge: Being physically distant makes diaspora investors vulnerable to property scams and fraudulent schemes organized by individuals and rogue companies.

Remedy: Work with established real estate firms with a credible track record. Verify the legitimacy of properties and engage genuine legal professionals to ensure the property’s documents are authentic.

Limited Oversight:

Challenge: Being physically distant makes it challenging to oversee property development, management, maintenance, and tenant issues.

Remedy: Consider working with a genuine real estate developer or hiring a reputable property management company to handle day-to-day operations, rent collection, and maintenance on your behalf.

Communication Barriers:

Challenge: Time zone differences and communication barriers can lead to delays in getting information or updates about the property in real time.

Remedy: Utilize digital communication tools such as email, voice messaging, video calls, and instant messaging to maintain regular communication with real estate developers, professional agents, property managers, and tenants.

Legal and Regulatory Challenges:

Challenge: Navigating local regulations, property taxes, and legal documentation can be complex and confusing from abroad.

Remedy: Engage genuine local legal advisors who specialize in real estate law to guide you through the legal process, ensuring compliance with local regulations and tax requirements.

Currency Fluctuations:

Challenge: Exchange rate fluctuations can impact the value of your investments and returns.

Remedy: Consider using financial instruments like forward contracts or options to hedge against currency risks. Consult financial advisors for tailored solutions.

Property Maintenance and Upkeep:

Challenge: Maintaining and overseeing property development, repairs and renovations from a distance can be challenging.

Remedy: Partner with reliable local contractors and property developers, management companies to handle maintenance tasks promptly and efficiently.

Tenant Management:

Challenge: Finding and managing tenants, handling rental agreements, and addressing tenant concerns can be difficult from abroad.

Remedy: Employ or partner with genuine professional property management companies to handle tenant sourcing, lease agreements, rent collection, and tenant communication.

Market Volatility:

Challenge: Real estate markets can experience fluctuations due to economic conditions and unforeseen events.

Remedy: Diversify your investment portfolio and focus on long-term strategies that account for market volatility.

Remote Transactions:

Challenge: Conducting property transactions remotely can involve complexities and risks.

Remedy: Engage legal professionals who are experienced in remote transactions. Leverage technology for secure online document signing and payment processing.

By understanding and addressing these challenges, diaspora investors can navigate the complexities of investing in Kenya more effectively and make informed decisions that align with their financial goals.

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Challenges of Investing Back Home from Diaspora

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