Optiven Celebrates Customers Uniquely: Customer Service Week 2023

Optiven Celebrates Customers Uniquely: Customer Service Week 2023
Optiven Celebrates Customers Uniquely: Customer Service Week 2023

The 2023 Customer Service Week was celebrated uniquely at all the Optiven branches. Each of the front offices that serve as lounges for receiving guests was branded in the company’s corporate colors of green and white. Optiven has been in operation for 24 years and has branch offices in Karen, Nairobi CBD, Kitengela, Nanyuki, Nakuru, Mtwapa and in the Diaspora.

It was all smiles as hundreds of customers who made their way to the different branches at Optiven arrived to be received with warm smiles and a branded chocolate as well as a corporate band made especially for the customers. It was also a time to appreciate the internal customers which encompasses the over four hundred staff who serve in different capacities.

Led by the Head of Customer Service Christine Kasaya, the staff were surprised with the chocolate delights on the first day of the Customer Service Week across all the offices. The staff were further treated to pizza to celebrate their contribution to the company on the second day of the Customer Service Week in a unique approach to staff appreciation.

Under the theme #OptivenTeamService, the Customer Service Week observation and celebration was but a part of the Optiven spirit of celebrating customer delight. The company which adopts customer experience as a key value, continues to improve its service by ensuring they meet the customer demands, aspirations and desires in its operations and product servings.

At the launch of Customer Service Week, Mr. George Wachiuri, the Optiven Group CEO, led the entire conglomerate in celebrating the key observation during which he thanked all customers for being central to what Optiven has become for the 24 years it has been in service.

In the month of October 2023,  Optiven Group will provide an opportunity for investors with Optiven to take back home 5K. The cashback will be for any investments where the customers will redeem their investments with a one-off payment of KSh 500K.

This campaign will also benefit new customers investing in any projects within the Optiven portfolio. The campaign will run throughout the month of ber 2023 under the title, “Jistawishe na Optiven.”

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Optiven Celebrates Customers Uniquely: Customer Service Week 2023

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