Manchester City Shortlist 2 Kenyan Girls For Global Heroes Award

Manchester City Shortlist 2 Kenyan Girls For Global Heroes Award
Manchester City Shortlist 2 Kenyan Girls For Global Heroes Award: Photo/Courtesy. Group from Kibra performing football drills.

2 Kenyan female footballers from Nairobi Kenya have been shortlisted for a global award sponsored by English Premier League Champions Manchester City.

The two girls, along with others from around the world, were selected for using their skills in raising awareness about the safe use of water.

They achieved this by promoting the responsible reuse of water, emphasising the importance of using clean water, and advocating for proper disposal and treatment methods.

”We are using football drills to create awareness, we have shown society how to use clean water, reuse water, when to dispose of water, and ways of treating water,” one of the girls said.

The award known as Water Heroes has been sponsored by Manchester City together with another company and drew competitors from the United States, India, the Philippines, and Colombia.

”In Nairobi, Kenya, Pauline, and Mercy are tackling period inequality and improving access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene,” the club remarked in a statement.

The award is a project that aims at recognising and tackling water challenges in communities around the world through football.

“Water is at the root of everything. We need water to cook, clean, and bathe. Every time a girl is experiencing her menses, she needs water to drink and to clean herself,” Pauline who is part of the group said.

The winners of the competition will get a rare chance of a special visit from the club, a club legend, and specialised training from Manchester City coaches on football and on water education.

The director of the club’s football foundations stated that the shortlisted persons have already shown champions mentality.

“Whilst this is a fantastic opportunity for one project to receive a special Club visit, we are proud of all the projects within the network that continue to make such an important impact,” said the director.

The special project competition opened on November 3 and will run all through to November 17 as the teams battle it out for the votes.

The group has received funds, training kits, and other facilitations from the project sponsors and will look forward to bagging more goodies if they emerge winners.




Manchester City Shortlist 2 Kenyan Girls For Global Heroes Award

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