Reckless drinking, Drug Abuse Major Cause of Diaspora deaths-Oscar Sudi

Reckless drinking, Drug Abuse Major Cause of Diaspora deaths-Oscar Sudi
Reckless drinking, Drug Abuse Major Cause of Diaspora deaths-Oscar Sudi

Reckless drinking and drug abuse is major cause of Kenyan diaspora deaths says Oscar Sudi. The Kapseret Member of Parliament shared a heartfelt message to Kenyan students studying abroad.

The legislator was speaking in Chepkoiya village, Kesses Constituency, Uasin Gishu County, during the burial of Mzee Samwel Sawe Kiptorilet.

Sudi expressed concern that young Kenyan men and women secure opportunities for further studies in the diaspora, then squander the chances.

He reminded the youngsters that parents usually sell their property and seek financial help from villagers to take them for further studies abroad.

He worried that most students quickly forget what took them abroad and form Kenyan groupings to party with nonstop.

“Your parent has struggled to take you to Australia, America, London, Finland, or wherever else abroad, then you become reckless,” he started.

Actions hurt parents in Kenya

According to the MP, Western countries have for years offered prime education and employment opportunities for Kenyans, but the goodwill is being eroded

Sudi emphasized the importance of responsible behaviour, reminding students that their actions jeopardise their well-being and leave their parents distressed.

“Your actions hurt the parents and villagers who are working hard to keep you in school abroad, especially when you get involved in avoidable troubles,” he continued. Sudi added that studying abroad is a privilege with great responsibility since the individual becomes an ambassador for the country.

Alcoholism And Drug Abuse In The Diaspora Community

He, therefore, encouraged them to embrace positive values, contribute positively to the host communities, and foster a good image for Kenya.

The parliamentarian also urged parents to be honest about their children whenever they mess up because most hide the truth until it is too late. “Just say your son or daughter went astray because of alcoholism or substance abuse so that we learn from the mistake and save other students,” he asserted.

By Hillary Lisimba


Alcoholism now recognised as a disease in Kenya



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Reckless drinking, Drug Abuse Major Cause of Diaspora deaths-Oscar Sudi

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