Failure of Printing Machines Cause of Passport Delays-Kenya Govt

Failure of Printing Machines Cause of Passport Delays-Kenya Govt
Failure of Printing Machines Cause of Passport Delays-Kenya Govt

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura has explained that the recent delays in the issuance of passports have been occasioned by the failure of printing machines and the increasing demand for travel documents.

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While addressing the nation on Thursday, Mwaura explained that the existing printing machine at Nyayo House has continued to experience challenges, adding that the government had already procured two new machines to address the same.

He revealed that the machines had already arrived in the country and would be launched by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki in the coming days.

Mwaura, therefore, called on Kenyans to be patient adding that 100,000 travel documents will also be issued in the coming days.

“I am happy to report that there are two new machines that have been procured and we have been able to print 100,000 new passports that are going to be issued,” he stated.

On the other end, he also noted that the Ministry of Interior was dealing with a huge backlog.

According to the spokesperson, many kenyans are seeking passports even as the government balances the production of new applications and those in the backlog.

He asserted that a similar scenario was being witnessed with the issuance of the Good Conduct Certificates.

“The demand for passports is extremely high and the backlog is also high. We also have the same with the good conduct certificates. We are in the process of streamlining the two.

“For good conduct, we have a demand for 20,000 per day against a backlog of 700,000,” the Spokesperson added.

Kenyans applying for passports have experienced delays in the past few months.

For instance, some Kenyans have lamented that they have waited for the travel documents for over six months despite completing all the required processes.

Other Kenyans have also called on the CS to carry out a major shakeup at Nyayo House for better service delivery.




Failure of Printing Machines Cause of Passport Delays-Kenya Govt

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