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Rise of Ruto: Exploring Why Mt Kenya Tycoons Are Abandoning Raila

Rise of Ruto: Exploring Why Mt Kenya Tycoons Are Abandoning Raila
Rise of Ruto: Exploring Why Mt Kenya Tycoons Are Abandoning Raila

As the Kenyan political landscape continues to evolve, one name seems to be dominating the headlines: William Ruto. In a surprising turn of events, influential tycoons from the Mt Kenya region are jumping ship and abandoning Raila Odinga to rally behind Ruto. The question on everyone’s mind is, why?

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the phenomenon of Ruto’s rise and explore the factors that have led to the Mt Kenya tycoons shifting their allegiance. From economic promises to strategic alliances, there is a lot to unpack in understanding this shifting dynamic.

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In the cutthroat world of Kenyan politics, one name stands out from the rest – William Ruto. And to everyone’s surprise, influential tycoons hailing from the Mt Kenya region are abandoning Raila Odinga and throwing their support behind Ruto. Curious about what’s causing this exodus?

Join us as we delve into the mounting popularity of William Ruto and examine the reasons behind the Mt Kenya tycoons’ change of heart. From enticing economic proposals to strategic partnerships, we’ll uncover the factors fueling this remarkable transformation.

The Rise of William Ruto as a Political Figure

William Ruto’s political journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting off as a grassroots politician, Ruto rose through the ranks to become the Deputy President of Kenya. His ability to connect with the masses and deliver compelling speeches has earned him a significant following. Ruto’s charismatic personality and knack for connecting with voters have set him apart from his rivals.

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Moreover, Ruto’s strategic approach to politics has paid off. He has successfully built a strong network of supporters across the country, including influential individuals from the Mt Kenya region. This network has played a crucial role in propelling Ruto’s rise to power and solidifying his position as a formidable political figure.

The Influence of Mt Kenya Tycoons in Kenyan Politics

The Mt Kenya region has long been regarded as a political powerhouse in Kenyan politics. The region’s wealthy tycoons have traditionally played a significant role in shaping the country’s political landscape. Their financial resources and influence have often determined the outcomes of elections and the direction of political alliances.

These tycoons are not only influential within their respective industries but also have extensive networks and connections that span across the country. Their endorsement and support can provide a significant boost to any political candidate, making them a sought-after group for politicians seeking to gain an edge in the electoral race.

Mt kenya tycoons who supported raila in 2022 election

The group of rich businessmen calling itself Mount Kenya Foundation endosed and campaigned for Raila Odinga and the Azimio Coalition during the 2022 Presidential Election. This Foundation brings together Mt Kenya tycoons and is chaired by businessman Peter Munga with Titus Ibui as vice chairman. Other members of the Foundation are Michael Waweru, Pius Ngugi, SK Macharia, James Mwangi, Dennis Waweru, Mutuma Nkanata, Stanley Kinyanjui and Isaac Maina Wandere among others. The Mt Kenya Foundation pledged its allegiance to president-elect William Ruto after the latter won the August 9 presidential election.

Reasons for the Shift in Support from Raila Odinga to William Ruto

The shift in support from Raila Odinga to William Ruto among Mt Kenya tycoons can be attributed to several key factors. One of the primary reasons is the economic promises put forth by Ruto. His focus on empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and creating an enabling environment for business growth has resonated with the business community in the Mt Kenya region.

Ruto’s economic proposals, such as tax incentives and access to affordable credit, have struck a chord with tycoons who have long sought a business-friendly environment. They see Ruto as a leader who understands their needs and is committed to fostering economic growth and prosperity.

Economic Factors Driving the Support for Ruto

In addition to his economic promises and what he has achieved so far, Ruto’s track record of delivering tangible results cannot be overlooked. During his tenure as Deputy President, he spearheaded various development projects that had a direct impact on the Mt Kenya region. From infrastructure development to agriculture and education, Ruto’s initiatives have transformed the lives of many in the region.

These visible achievements have earned him the trust and support of the Mt Kenya tycoons. They have witnessed firsthand the positive changes brought about by Ruto’s leadership as a President and believe that the foundation he has put in place will  continue to drive economic growth and development in the country.

Political Factors Contributing to the Shift in Support

While economic factors play a significant role in the shift of support, political considerations cannot be ignored. Ruto’s ability to form strategic alliances with influential political figures from the Mt Kenya region has played a crucial role in swaying the support of tycoons away from Raila Odinga.

Ruto’s alliances with key political players in the region have created a sense of political security for the tycoons. They see Ruto as a leader who can protect their interests and ensure that their voices are heard at the national level. This sense of political empowerment has been a driving force behind the shift in support.

Analysis of Ruto’s Policies and Promises

To fully understand the appeal of William Ruto to the Mt Kenya tycoons, it is essential to analyze his policies and promises in detail. Ruto’s focus on devolution and empowering county governments has resonated with the region’s leaders, who have long advocated for more decentralization of power.

His commitment to addressing issues such as corruption and promoting transparency in government has also struck a chord with the tycoons. They see Ruto as a leader who can bring about meaningful change and tackle the systemic challenges that have hindered progress in the country.

Reaction from Raila Odinga and His Supporters

Raila Odinga and his supporters have not taken the shift in support lightly. They have voiced their concerns and questioned the motivations behind the tycoons’ change of allegiance. Many times, Odinga has been quick to highlight his own track record and achievements, emphasizing his commitment to the region’s development.

The reaction from Odinga’s supporters has been mixed. While some remain loyal to him and question the credibility of Ruto’s promises which they believe he has not been able to deliver so far, others have expressed disillusionment and a willingness to consider support for Kenya Kwanza and Ruto Government.

Conclusion: The Future of Kenyan Politics

The shifting dynamics in Kenyan politics, particularly the rise of William Ruto and the subsequent shift in support from influential Mt Kenya tycoons, have brought about a new era of uncertainty and change.

Only time will tell how this political landscape evolves and whether Ruto’s rise will ultimately reshape the course of Kenyan politics. One thing is for certain: the Mt Kenya tycoons’ abandonment of Raila Odinga in favor of Ruto marks a significant turning point in the political narrative of the nation.


By Isaac Mbugua/Diaspora Messenger Reporter


Rise of Ruto: Exploring Why Mt Kenya Tycoons Are Abandoning Raila

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