SAFE FLIGHT 2024: No Matter What, Always Fly The Airplane

SAFE FLIGHT 2024: No Matter What, Always Fly The Airplane
SAFE FLIGHT 2024: No Matter What, Always Fly The Airplane

The first month of the year is gone and the clock is ticking, waiting for no man as usual. If this was a flight, the taking off is done and passengers are free to unbuckle their seatbelts, use the restroom, or even give the crew orders.

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Regardless of the number of flights that a pilot has taken previously, it is the current flight that matters the most. They have to stay alert and attentive to every detail, from the weather to the altitudes, there is no room for error.

The pilot must be fully present in the moment, for a successful flight. Now let’s get back to 2024, and you as the pilot of the year!

Just like a pilot has undergone training and multiple flights to maintain flying, you have also experienced some wonderful years and accumulated a wealth of knowledge that propels you into the New Year.

As the years go on, you’ll find value in the mistakes you made, the lessons you learned, and the ones you had to unlearn. When a pilot thinks back on past flights, I doubt that they would concentrate on their horrifying experiences in the middle of another flight.

They could certainly learn a lot from the past to avoid making the same mistakes again, but they shouldn’t focus too much on them. There’s probably not enough time on the air to reflect on regrets.

The flight has to go on, and so is life. You have to go on regardless of how the previous years have been.

The unexpected could occur while in flight. A storm, severe weather, a detour, or an emergency landing are all possible. When storms do occur, they are unavoidable, and pilots are prepared to navigate through them.

Turbulence does not cause the pilot to give up. The flight has to go on, with the end in mind. There may be storms throughout this year with varying degrees of turbulence. Don’t intentionally crash your plane, which is what will happen if you give up. Instead, navigate through, maintain control of your craft, and make detours if necessary.

When the pilot touches the ground on landing, it’s customary for the passengers to applaud with claps for a safe landing. It is difficult to explain the excitement it brings, but you can only imagine how wonderful it feels to have arrived at your destination despite all the difficulties, particularly if your flight wasn’t very smooth.

Looking at our 2024 flight, one month has passed. You have set goals, you may still be on course, or you have already broken some resolutions; keep going. Keep moving forward with your goal in sight. As the pilot, take control.

Walk the path, climb the mountain, and sail the sea that 2024 will bring you, and at the end of the year, land in a safer place. I hope the New Year brings you the same joy and experience of landing safely.

In your 2024 flight, remember to apply this first aviation rule that I have encountered and believe applies to life in general; “No matter what, always fly the airplane”.

Impossible is nothing!


By Liz Ekakoro Bore:Diaspora Messenger Contributor

SAFE FLIGHT 2024: No Matter What, Always Fly The Airplane

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