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Put Diaspora Remittances To Better Use, State Urged

The government should develop policies to promote investment products to tap the growing inflows from Kenyans living abroad, analysts said, as official data captured...

Diaspora remittances tops forex inflows – official data

Diaspora remittances tops forex inflows - official data: The value of money sent by Kenyans living abroad rose 10.96 per cent to Sh177.34 billion ($1.72 billion) from Sh159.82 billion ($1.55 billion)

Inflows from Diaspora increase to Kshs 13.7 billion

Inflows from Diaspora increase to Kshs 13.7 billion: Kenyans living in the diaspora sent home Ksh 13.7 billion last month as they sought to take advantage of the weak shilling.

Diaspora Kenyans sent Home Sh11.4bn in February Alone

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 1 – Diaspora remittances to Kenya in February 2015 increased by 11.6 percent to Sh11.4 billion from Sh10.2 billion in February...

Kenya mulls ways of tapping Diaspora remittance

NAIROBI, (Xinhua) -- Kenya plans to hold a three-day Diaspora investment conference next month to discuss ways of tapping the lucrative Diaspora remittances which...

Kenyan Banks Cash-In On Growing Diaspora Remittance Business

An increase in the volume of cash remitted by Kenyans working or living abroad has attracted the attention of local and international banks, telecommunication...

Africans pay dearly to send cash home

Africans are losing $1.8 billion year due to high fees levied on funds sent from abroad by relatives, Britain’s leading think-tank on development said...

Kenyans Diaspora send home Sh10 billion

Kenyans abroad sent home Sh700 million more in February this year compared to the same period in 2013. The remittances rose by 8 per cent...

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