Blogger Robert Alai (left) and Kenyan rapper Prezzo.

A war of words has ensued on social media between controversial blogger Robert Alai and rapper Jackson Makini aka Prezzo after the blogger called for the artiste’s arrest.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Mr Alai said Prezzo should be in jail for being a drug peddler.

In the post Mr Alai also blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta for allegedly encouraging such delinquents to go free and continue destroying the youth.

“President Uhuru can’t claim to fight drug abuse when he still engages petty drug peddles like Prezzo. Intimidating Embakasi Police to release Prezzo is not the right thing. Prezzo is peddling drugs and trying to use the same to destroy our youth in Embakasi,” Mr Alai wrote.

“It’s sad that the President is the one encouraging such delinquents to destroy our young ones. I am so disgusted. Mr. President the taka taka who is your friend, Jackson Makini aka Prezzo, should be in jail. We can’t allow this in our estate. We will never allow it. Stop condoning it,” he added.


But in a rejoinder the rapper bashed the blogger for writing a story that is baseless and accusing him of trying to tarnish the president’s name.

The verbal exchange comes in the wake of Prezzo’s arrest on Saturday night after he tried to force himself into motorist’s vehicle at Nyayo Estate in Nairobi.

The victim, Mr Stanley Kipchumba Kimoret, a flight manager with Kenya Airways, told police that he arrived home and parked his car, but as he was offloading some items from the vehicle, he was confronted by Prezzo and two other men.

According to Mr Kimoret, the three asked him to drop them in town but he declined, saying he does not operate a taxi. The singer then unsuccessfully tried to force himself into Mr Kimoret’s car.

The musician is then said to have slapped the motorist, prompting security guards in the area to intervene. Police were notified about the incident and the musician was arrested and taken into custody.

Mr Alai is the chairman of Nyayo Estate resident’s association.

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  1. Manish says

    This guy Prezzo is just a spoilt brat!how can you force yourself into someone’s car?given that he claims that he is rich why could he call or a taxi or his driver?should be slapped with a heavy penalty!

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