Robert Alai Hits At Raila Odinga And His Daughter Winnie


Controversial Kenyan blogger turned political aspirant Robert Alai has lashed out at Raila Odinga and his daughter Winnie again. Alai’s recent attack on the former Premier comes barely days after tearing down Raila’s daughter Winnie over a very trivial issue. In his latest squirm with Raila and his family, Alai went hard on ‘Baba’ as he took dips on him over his leadership style.

The blogger could not agree with Raila over his recent visit to Ghana where he was accompanied by Hassan Joho, and of course his daughter Winnie. Through his social media accounts, the controversial blogger wanted to know if it was necessary for Winnie to tag along.

‘’Kenyan Trump has to walk with his kids everywhere. When PM,it was sister and brother who were in senior government positions. If he becomes President, his kids will lord over us.Ongeee!!! #OkWabiyie!! #BabaOkMbasni.’’ Alai wrote.

  1. Anonymous says

    Mr Alai
    I do not profess to agree with Hon Raila on many issues.
    However, I take exception to your stand about him
    taking his daughter with him on a trip to Ghana.
    Miss Odinga is entitled to support her father on his
    Hon Raila has a (final) say about his daughter accompanying
    him. Therefore, I ask you to engage in more profitable
    undertakings if you want to prove yourself as a
    person who is qualified to lead the people of Kenya.

  2. Anonymous says

    Ms Odinga might be the first woman president of Kenya

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