Relief for Governor Rasanga as his enemies scatter


Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo speaks at a past function. Photo/FILE

Hardly three months after they agreed to team up to oust Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga, Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo and politician William Oduol have broken ranks, with each of them citing betrayal.

In December last year, Mr Oduol and Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo who are both eying the Siaya gubernatorial seat came together with Jakoyo Midiwo as the mastermind of the alliance to dethrone Governor Rasanga.

The two had vowed to support either one of them who will have clinched the ODM party ticket, with a common goal of sending Mr Rasanga home due to what they termed as poor leadership and mismanagement of public funds.

In a sudden change of events, Mr Midiwo, who endorsed the Gumbo-Oduol partnership and promised to either triumph or fail with them, has now turned against businessman William Oduol accusing him of betraying their cause.

Jakoyo, who spoke at Ndere Village in his Gem Constituency, claimed that even after walking together in several occasions and vowing to work together with a common agenda of changing Siaya County leadership, Mr Oduol turned against the will and started singing a different tune.

He accused Oduol of having announced that he (Oduol) is now a lone ranger, adding that Oduol allegedly said he would support Governor Rasanga’s re-election in case he fails to win the ODM party primaries.

Mr Oduol has, however, dismissed Jakoyo’s claims, arguing that it is true that they were talking about ways of sending Governor Rasanga home, until he realised that the purpose of the unity was not to oust the incumbent but to get a loophole for syphoning public funds.

Oduol, who was speaking at a separate function at Umina Village in Ugunja Constituency, stated that he opted to pull out after realising that partnership was aimed at advancing selfish interests.

He stated that as a person he welcomes guided democracy but maintained that Jakoyo cannot call a meeting of only two leaders and claim to be finding a way of shaping the destiny of Siaya County.


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