Kenyan athlete in critical condition after accident in Kansas

The Coastal Carolina School record-holder in the 8,000m, 10,000m, 5,000m and 3,000 meter steeplechase track events Mr. Terah Kipchiris was involved in what was described as a very bad auto-accident. He lives and works in Kansas City, Kansas and is presently admitted in the surgical ICU at Kansas University Medical center.

Terah still remains in a very critical condition despite showing some improvement in his vital signs. He is being attended by finest team of doctors that includes Neurosurgeons and Trauma doctors as well as a wonderful team of nurses. Besides, there are many friends and well wishers from Kansas City including all of you.


It was reported to Simotwo and Dr. Changwony that major medical and surgical interventions had already been done and there remains a few other operations that involve feeding and elimination mechanism that will need to be done soon. In addition, doctors advised that they needed some decisions to be made in the near future in relation to short and long term management of Tera’s condition.
Jacob Simotwo who arrived in Kansas City two days after the accident and Dr. Chongwony who also arrived few days after, did a wonderful job of assisting the team of doctors and nurses in establishing communication link between the doctors and Tera’s family in Kenya. This link will enable doctors to accomplish medical procedures whenever an approval is needed from the family members.
They also managed to contact Tera’s employer who has promised to help Tera as much as possible in terms of Teras medical insurance and employment benefits. In addition they managed to establish contact with police officer in-charge of Tera’s case and recovered some Tera’s personal documents that included identification cards, travel documents and bank cards.
While there are many other issues related to Tera’s personal belongings, finances, and relationship, we concluded that there is an immediate need of Tera’s family member to come to Kansas City in order to help assist Terah in his recovery process as well as make vital decisions when requested by the doctors. A financial difficulty in the part Teras family in Kenya to send one of them here had been indicated to Jacob earlier in their communication. We all agreed in the Tele- conference meeting that we conduct an immediate funds drive to raise at least $3000 to buy an open round trip air ticket for whoever the family will decide to send here. We also agreed to acquire letters from the hospital for Tera’s family indicating that one of them should come over as soon as possible and another copy "to whom it may concern" in government agencies to expedite the travel documents for Tera’s next of kin.
Four of us (Jacob Simatwa, Dr. Lewis Changwony, Wilberforce Kiprop and Spencer Teemoi ) left Kansas City by Sunday back to our residences due to personal unavoidable commitments, but we were confident that Terah will be well taken care of by doctors, friends and the Kenyan community in Kansas. Among the people who will keep a close eye on Tera and update us before one of us goes back there is Mr. Tony who is the nurse in the ICU unit working with Tera’s neurosurgeon and happens to come from Kenya. Jacob reported that Tony agreed to contact Tera’s family in Kenya as much as possible when we will not be there and update them. Also we are fortunate to have Dr. Daudi Langat (Lecturer at Kansas University Medical Center) and his wife. Dr. Langat’s wife is also a nurse in another floor close by Terah’s unit. There is also a gentleman by the name Mr. Manoah Korir who is the leader of Kenyan Community in Kansas City. We are grateful to Dr. Langat and Manoah Korir who helped accommodate
  us while we were in Kansas City in Kansas State.
Please we are requesting for your donations. Pass the account below to members and friends for contributions towards the purchase of the air ticket of Tera’s family member travelling from Kenya worth $3,000.00:
Those in USA Send your Donations to:
Joseph Teemoi Mongusho
Oklahoma City, OK 73142
Bank of America
Acct # : 305002463191
Those in Kenya send your donations via Mpesa to:
Vincent Sambrir : 722-364714
God bless Tera and all of you for your prayers and generosity.
By Joseph Teemoi Mongusho (Spencer) BKI* Treasurer, Oklahoma, USA.
{BKI*= Bikap Koret International, is an organisation that brings together Sabaots in USA.}

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