Norway killer’s diary entry sarcastic of Kenyan singer


A diary compiled by confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik includes comments critical of a Kenyan singer who represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest.

In an entry dated May 14, Mr Breivik writes that in choosing Stella Mwangi’s song “Haba Haba” as its Eurovision nominee, Norway has made “a crap, politically correct contribution” to the contest.

The racist right-winger goes on to call Ms Mwangi “an asylum seeker from Kenya.” He says sarcastically that she is “performing a bongo song, very representative of Europe and my country.”

“In any case; I hope Germany wins!” adds Mr Breivik, who has admitted carrying out bombing and shooting attacks that killed at least 93 people.

In a Wikipedia biographical note, Ms Mwangi is said to write “a lot of her music about the situation in her home country Kenya, also about discrimination both Stella and her family had to go through after moving to Norway in 1991.”

Ms Mwangi’s “Haba Haba” did not qualify for the Eurovision final.


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