Kenyan Dad in UK in Desperate Bid To Raise £57,000 for Daughter’s Kidney Transplant

A desparate Merseyside dad is trying to raise money for a life-saving kidney transplant for his daughter. Mickey Ouso, 60, has worked two jobs and relied on fundraising to pay for his Kenyan daughter Maureen’s dialysis after her kidneys failed.

She needs a £57,000 kidney transplant – but Mr Ouso cannot afford to pay for it.

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He owes the NHS around £3,000 in unpaid medical bills as he struggles to meet the ever-growing cost of treatment Maureen has to pay for as a non-British citizen.

He is also facing a race against time because the visitor’s visa she came into the country with is about to run out. Her two children – Petra, 12, and Reginald, seven – also face being asked to leave.

Today Mr Ouso, from Croxteth, said if Maureen has to return to Kenya before having a kidney transplant it will be “a death sentence”.

He said: “She has nowhere to live in Kenya. She is too sick to work.

“If she cannot pay for her treatment in Kenya, she will not survive. She will eventually die.

“If we can get enough money for the operation, I am hoping the UK Border Agency will let her stay until she is better. If she is fit enough, she can then work.”

Mr Ouso came to the UK in 1999 after his wife got a job working for the NHS.

They brought three of their four children and were all granted UK residency by 2007. Maureen, 34, stayed behind in Kenya.

It was only when his wife Petraella died from cancer in February that Maureen came to the UK for her funeral.

Mr Ouso and his wife were paying for Maureen’s dialysis in Kenya.

Now the same treatment at the Royal Liverpool Hospital costs £480 a week. Mr Ouso works as a carer and does extra shifts as a taxi driver to pay for it.

His daughter Olivia, 32, has agreed to donate a kidney but Manchester Royal Infirmary would charge £57,000 because Maureen is not eligible for NHS treatment.

The family has set up an appeal account with Barclays Bank called “The Appeal Fund for Maureen Ouso”.


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