Video: Kenyan Fugitive Wanted in Baltimore, Maryland Arrested in Kenya

Video: Kenyan Fugitive Wanted in Baltimore, Maryland Arrested in Kenya
Video: Kenyan Fugitive Wanted in Baltimore, Maryland Arrested in Kenya

This was a disturbing case of elder abuse caught on tape… a 90 year old Baltimore man beaten by his caretaker. The victim’s daughter is now pushing for a law in her dad’s name that would stiffen elder abuse penalties.

A Kenyan wanted in the US for assault has been arrested, four years after jumping bail.

Ms Anastacia Oluoch, 58, has been on the run since July 31, 2007, when she was bailed by a Baltimore court for abusing a 90-year-old American.

Trial magistrate Lucy Nyambura heard that Ms Oluoch is wanted for trial in Baltimore for assault, reckless endangerment and abuse of a vulnerable adult.

State counsel Victor Mule opposed her application for bail, saying she could not be trusted to turn up for the hearing.

The officer said the suspect was only in court to be informed of the reason for her arrest pending extradition to the US.

But her lawyer Gilbert Mungu said he would oppose the extradition.

Ms Oluoch allegedly committed the crime when she was employed to take care of Mr John Taylor in Baltimore, US. Mr Taylor was living with his daughter.

The alleged abuse was discovered by his daughter, who had installed a secret camera to establish the quality of care her father was receiving.

She monitored the house for more than three weeks, during which Ms Oluoch was recorded hitting the old man on the stomach and arms several times.

She reported to the police and the suspect was arrested and charged. Ms Oluoch was released on bail on July 31 2007, but failed to turn up for the hearing on August 8, 2007. Immigration records show she left the US the same day she was released from custody.

The US government subsequently lodged a request for her extradition.

Former Attorney General Amos Wako authorised proceedings against the fugitive and a warrant of arrest was issued by the Nairobi Chief Magistrate’s Court.

But the police could not arrest her because she kept changing residence.

On Tuesday, Mr Mungu sought her release on bail but the prosecution objected.

Mr Mule filed an affidavit saying Ms Oluoch had been a fugitive since returning home.

He urged the court not to release her on bail because she was likely to abscond.

“She has been evading the police. Her past history of absconding court in Baltimore disqualifies her from being admitted to bail,” said Mr Mule.

But Mr Mungu asked the magistrate to ignore the affidavit because it “was vague.”

He said the detectives did not name the chief of the location Ms Oluoch comes from in Rachuonyo District or the gardener who allegedly informed them that the suspect was being sought.

She was remanded in custody until Thursday when the court will rule on the bail application.


Video: Kenyan Fugitive Wanted in Baltimore, Maryland Arrested in Kenya

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