Kenyan Diaspora Fugitive Wanted in UK Arrested After 17 Years

Kenyan Diaspora Fugitive Wanted in UK Arrested After 17 Years
Kenyan Diaspora Fugitive Wanted in UK Arrested After 17 Years

A Kenyan Diaspora fugitive Anthony Kamau alias Anthony Kinuthe wanted in the United Kingdom has been apprehended in Nairobi after 17 years of being on the run.

The fugitive was apprehended following an operation conducted by the Transnational Organised Crimes Unit drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) on Friday, June 17.

According to a statement released by DCI, the fugitive has been on the run after skipping bail that was granted to him by a UK court in 2005.

The Kenyan national is wanted by the Chelmsford Crown court based in Britain and another court in Northern Ireland.

The fugitive is accused of committing sexual harassment to minors from 2005 and inciting members of the public and the community.

“A Kenyan fugitive wanted in the United Kingdom for sexual molestation of minors has been arrested this morning by detectives based at the Transnational Organized Crimes Unit,” the DCI statement read in part.

“After the suspect was granted bail, he fled from the United Kingdom to Kenya, where he has been engaging detectives in hide and seek games until his arrest this morning.”

It is not yet clear when he will be extradited to the UK to answer to the charges leveled against him.

Anthony Kamau alias Anthony Kinuthe: PHOTO/COURTESY

His arrest comes just days after the DCI officers nabbed another internationally wanted fugitive at the University of Nairobi.

In a statement issued by DCI, Mohamed Magzoub was flushed from his hideout at the UoN staff quarters by detectives from the Transnational and Organized Crime Unit.

Magzoub, a Sudanese national, was on the run and facing charges of organized crime in his home country.

“Detectives have arrested an international fugitive, facing organized crimes charges in Sudan. Mohamed Nagi Mohamed Magzoub, holder of Sudanese passport number P******49 was flushed out of his hideout in the city,” read the DCI statement at the time.

The DCI noted that the suspect, who is currently in custody, will be deported to Sudan to face charges.

“Arrangements to extradite the suspect to his home country where he will face justice are on as the Directorate looks for the next available flight to Khartoum to hand him over to Sudanese authorities.”


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Kenyan Diaspora Fugitive Wanted in UK Arrested After 17 Years

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