Kenyan minister’s husband denies battery claims


The husband to Nairobi Metropolitan Assistant Minister Elizabeth Ongoro has denied reports that he was hospitalised after being battered by his wife.

Speaking to journalists from his hospital bed, Ferdinand Masha Kenga claimed his wife was the one who rushed him to Nairobi Hospital after he lost consciousness on Friday night.

“I fell in the house and lost consciousness. Then my wife brought me to hospital where I have been treated and now I am ready to be discharged,” said Masha.

He has blamed politics on claims he was a victim of domestic violence.

Masha says his doctor Dr Elly Ogutu had informed him he suffered convulsion which is a medical condition where body muscles contract and relax rapidly and repeatedly, resulting in an uncontrolled shaking of the body.

“You can call Dr Ogutu to confirm this. I am not lying because I love my wife and she loves me. I never suffered any injury out of an assault,” he said.

He said he also suffered a similar disorder when he was seven years and was treated and discharged from hospital. He said the condition is spontaneous and that several other tests had been run on him that confirmed he was fit to be discharged.

Masha addressed the press from his hospital bed where he has been admitted since Friday night. He insisted he fell and lost consciousness before he found himself in hospital and blamed politics on claims he was a victim of domestic violence.

To show he was well he demonstrated to journalists that his head had not swell as claimed. He defended the absence of his wife of 16 years at the press briefing saying she was busy in her political duties.

“You know she is a busy politician. The day I was admitted she was here, then the following day and yesterday (Sunday) but she has not come today. She knows I am well and will be discharged,” he said.

Masha was reacting to reports he was admitted at the hospital unconscious after a domestic brawl that left him with head injuries.

“Domestic problems are normal in any marriage and I will forgive her if she wronged me as she will do if I went wrong,” he said.


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