Mother’s Agony After Daughter is Killed in the US


A family in Mombasa is mourning their relative who was allegedly killed by her husband last week in the United States.

The family of Mrs Josephine Mukeni, who lives in Tudor, received the news of the death of 39-year-old Mauryn Masira in Minnesota on Friday last week.

Mrs Mukeni, the mother of the victim, said she has yet to come to terms with the news.

“I did not believe the news since she was one of my children who looked after me financially.

“I was informed that my daughter was stabbed several times,” said Mrs Mukeni.

The mother claims her daughter was killed by her Liberian husband whom she married four years ago in the US.

Brutal manner

“I was told that my daughter was stabbed several times and her neck slit. I cannot imagine my daughter dying in such a brutal manner,” said Mrs Mukeni as tears rolled down her cheeks.

She added: “What I want is to see the body of my daughter, even if the body is brought back after several months.

“It is difficult to bring the body home because my family cannot raise the amount we have been asked to pay. I will not be convinced by anyone to bury her abroad.”

Mr Boniface Masira, the elder brother of Ms Masira, said his sister, who was working as a nurse, has been in the US for the past 10 years.

Mr Masira said the family needs more than Sh1.4 million to bring the body back home for burial.

“We are liaising with the Kenyan ambassador in the US to bring the body.”


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