Esther Arunga: Dr Frank Njenga forcefully aborted her under political orders


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Esther Arunga: Dr Frank Njenga forcefully aborted her under political orders

Esther Arunga: Dr Frank Njenga forcefully aborted her under political ordersFirst of all, Kenyans must be made aware that there’s no relationship between Esther Timberlake and Joseph Hellon. He’s been walking from media house to media house advertising and misleading Kenyans that Esther is his relative. She comes from Karachuonyo and he originates from Rongo. There’s no connection between them whatsoever!!!!!


Finally, the much talked about lawsuit preparation against one psychologist Dr Frank Gitau Njenga is now here. Dr Njenga is the Director of the National Campaign against Drug Abuse (NACADA). The investigation has finally been completed and compiled by an international advocate company here in Australia because Esther is also of interest to Australia’s well being. An announcement will be made as to whether the case will be opened at the international court or in Kenya.

Proctor & Associates Solicitors& Barristers, the acting law firm, is based at Parramatta in Sydney. They can be found at:

For the past 2 years they’ve been conducting their own private investigations after they took over from MANN advocates based in Upper Hill in Kenya. They worked jointly with private investigators, Charlie’s Angels Consultants based in Melbourne. The Kenya Police has tried fruitlessly to contact and retrieve the findings of Dr Njenga’s interrogation.


These are the shocking revelations that have been unearthed. It all began when Kenyan CID police invaded a villa in Runda where Esther Timberlake was renting a servant’s quarter. Over 50 CID policemen, all armed with AK 47 rifles, sniffer dogs and anti-narcotics machines accompanied by banking fraud unit and the so called cult squad were involved in the raid. They surrounded the Runda house with about 30 police cars with a police chopper hovering over the compound and top officers breaking into the house.They did not bring with them any female officer and yet they forced themselves into Esther’s SQ and molested her. They spent about half an hour in the room. 2 officers took advantage of the reckless and unwarranted raid and sexually molested Esther. They then took her away.She was separated from Quincy and they were taken to different stations at 2:30 am on Sunday.

The previous day, Esther’s father and his troupe of 23 family members and friends also raided the Runda house. Esther’s dad could be heard quoting threatening speeches in their local dialect which is Luo. He was heard saying, “to omera nyathini kethona gik mang’eny, ma e kama de an gi bunde to abiro godo tieko Quincy no.” Which when translated means, ” people this child is compromising lots of things and putting them at risk, I wish I had a gun I could come back here to terminate that Quincy.

“The team consisted of Henry Ndombi, the then Director- Special Crimes Unit. Others were Alphonce Lumosi, Samuel Chumo (Asst Commissioner of Police), Inspector Kathurima and others. They broke into the house and arrived with no warrants of arrest. The first question that came out of the Ndombi’s mouth was, “who is Quincy and who is Esther?”Then Ndombi asked Esther, “Why did you speak those words on Jeff Koinange’s show?”

After the arrest, Esther spent her night at Muthaiga police station. She was then driven to CID HQs the next day for questioning. Quincy was brought in from Pangani police station to the CID HQs. The interrogation turned into forceful confessions mounted with threats. Quincy was called in front of Esther into a private room and asked, “are you ready to follow our demands?” Ndombi went on asking, “who do you think you are to come from nowhere and get into a circle of the haves while you’ve got nothing?” Quincy remained quiet. Quincy was told by Ndombi, “from now on we do not want to see you speak with Esther!” Quincy had no option but to agree to their demands.


They were then taken back to their cells at the CID HQs. Soon, nearly half of Esther’s relatives arrived at CID HQs including Kenya’s ambassador to Egypt Mr. David Arunga who is Esther’s uncle. Quincy and Esther were then called back into the interrogation chambers. They were surprised to see almost a whole family inside the room.The first question that Ndombi asked him was, ” Quincy, that is Mr David Arunga and he could be your future in-law.””Are you ready to face holocaust just to have Esther?” Quincy agreed.Ndombi turned to Esther, “Esther, are you ready to go through a tough ordeal for Quincy?” Esther also agreed.


He went on…”Esther, reports from the Interpol we have now show Quincy is an international level criminal! He’s just stolen $70,000,000. He is a gangster. Are you ready to marry a gangster on the run?” Everyone wondered because no one has ever stolen that kind of money single handedly and especially in France as the CID claimed. That was impossible. When interpol was later consulted over that report, they refuted the claims and denied having such complaints in their file reports.Ndombi and others then left Mr Arunga and the rest to harass Quincy. It was a mess. While they were out, Esther’s family asked for Quincy to be handcuffed for security concerns. Lumosi handcuffed him and left the room. Little did they know what was coming next. The family then pounded on Quincy with fists and slaps. The women assaulted Quincy with their handbags. It was a brutal scene. He was later returned to police station. Esther was also returned to Muthaiga station.The next morning, Esther and Quincy were again driven to the CID HQs. Kathurima took charge that day. He came in with plain papers and forcefully asked Quincy and Esther to confess for being together. Which they did. Quincy was again called to do a second confession and these were the words from Ndombi to be repeated by Quincy.


“Quincy, you must repent and swear. This is the top pillar of investigations in Kenya. I want you to swear.”He even asked Lumosi to handcuff him again.


Repeat the following words…I Quincy Timberlake,


I repent today to God and the State.For dating Esther Arunga,I will never date her again.

Today is the last eye contact I am having with her.
I have no right to date her.
Should I be seen with her again, that shall be the day I’ll see Karura with my eyes and my body would be fed to animals.Oh god help me,Amen.After that Esther was quickly taken to a Land Rover which was waiting outside at around 8:00 PM. She was promised she was being taken to Kileleshwa police station. But that was just the beginning of the drama.
Esther was to see the shock of her life. The Land Rover diverted and took Esther towards Limuru Road, there was no Kileleshwa. Esther was then handed over to a black Range Rover with heavy built men. The car was in between 4 cars which were packed with thugs dressed expensively. They hand cuffed and blindfolded Esther and threw her into the boot of Range Rover.The men began asking her in Swahili, ” wewe ndiye unataka kuwa VP?”, they asked. “Sasa tutakufundisha adabu”.They went on and on with some furious words, “sisi sote hapa leo tunakunajisi”.
They turned the convoy towards Bata Shoe Factory road. The convoy was cruising and all Esther could hear was people arguing whether to terminate her or not.
This is where Esther met Dr Franklin Njenga waiting. Esther was then forced into Njenga’s car where she was driven back to Nairobi and ended up at 37 Muthangari Road. This is where all inhumanity and hell broke loose. On arrival, Esther was rolled in a black hood. That was around 3:00 am. She saw her father signing that she be sedated. It was the most painful thing a parent could do. Dr Njenga then told Esther, “I know you’re very well but you must be taught a lesson for embarrassing a cabinet minister and ODM.” It was a horrendous period.

After about four days, Esther tried to escape by jumping over the electric fence into Thessalonica Apartments. It was about 7pm when she made her daring escape. Unfortunately the watchman saw her and took up chase, shouting as he went after her. As she scaled the fence, the electric wire burnt her hands but she did not care. The watchman caught her foot but she kicked his hand and was free. She ran to the first apartment where she met two Ugandan men who refused to help her. Instead they went and called management. Esther ran and hid under a 4 wheel drive. After hours of searching for her she was finally found. When she realised she had been caught, she tried to run. The nurses, led by a burly man named Joseph, chased her through the apartment complex, finally trapping her near the pool side. Joseph pounced on her, held her down like an animal, drew her pants down in front of 5 other male nurses and brutally drove a long needle into her thigh. Esther passed out. When she woke up (she did not know how many days later), she was at Chiromo Medical Centre, a place reserved for seriously psychotic patients, with maximum security. At night she was forced to take a concoction of pills and was injected with heavy doses of lagactil. She could hardly stay awake due to the sedation.

One day, a physical examination was conducted and it was discovered that Esther was pregnant. “there’s no way you’re carrying this thing in your must be deleted.” someone shouted. That same night, she was carried into something that looked like an operating room and the most painful part of her journey occurred. Esther wailed throughout the forceful abortion while under sedation. What people do not know is that according to medical practitioners, Sinclair is not Esther’s first born. Quincy and Esther’s first born was removed forcefully in early 2010 by Dr Njenga. The reports and video clips are with K & K Advocates. The clips were taken secretly by a fellow “patient” called Betty.

Media guru Jeff Koinange was phoned by Quincy from High Court premises with a request that he intervenes and help. The question is why would Quincy refer to Koinange for assistance while his “confidantes” were around. That remains an unresolved puzzle and it confirms that he did not trust the friends he had during that time. Koinange is still thanked for his fruitful efforts to save Esther. He phoned several points of interests to rush and rescue. It is indeed Jeff Koinange who led trusted companies to where Esther was being tortured by simply phoning. Without Koinange’s help, Esther might have died.
Esther then escaped into a car which was waiting by and was taken to hospital. When the doctors saw her poor condition and heard what had happened to her, they issued her with complaint letters and advised her to sue everyone who had been involved in putting her through the horrendous ordeal. Through lawyers Harun Ndubi and MANN Advocates, Esther began proceedings. Little did she know that her parents would be caught up in the suit as they had been involved in the dirty game. After discharge from hospital, Esther consulted her husband over the matter. We later learnt that it was Quincy who convinced Esther to drop the charges entirely since her parents were involved. He advised Esther to take her time and conduct thorough research as a solicitor and seek ways of suing Dr Njenga on his own without attaching her parents.
In January last year, Esther & Quincy drove to Kileleshwa to meet Esther’s parents. There Esther apologized and sought forgiveness. She was forgiven but her parents insisted that if she was to come back to “Wene Ndalo” fold, she was to drop Quincy as a husband. Esther found this too difficult to do and decided to flee permanently. Esther confirmed with us that she had no intentions of filing a suit against her parents. She however intended to sue Dr Njenga in person because he had been in a position to advise her parents that she was okay and needed no psychiatric intervention. However because he was greedy, he went ahead and danced to their tunes. Esther says she’s also filing suits against “The Star” and “Word Is” publications. We’ve conducted research and come up with enough evidence to get money from the company that insures the publication. Unless they come up with enough evidence to support their hate driven campaign through their articles, which were aimed at psychologically frustrating the Timberlake family, then they’re the first tabloid to face their wrath through a lawsuit. We, through the Kenyan law firm will request on Esther’s behalf a letter from “The Star” and “Word Is.”
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