Nairobi’s traffic jam is among the top three in the world



Tuesday, October 02, 2012 – According to BBC, Nairobi’s traffic jam is among the top three worst traffic jams in the world. Nairobi trails behind Bangkok in Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia which leads the list.
Quoted below is an extract about Nairobi traffic from their article 10 monster traffic jams around the world.

“The worst thing that the British colonialists left us with was the roundabouts. These are the main source of traffic problems in Nairobi since the place to which you are headed may be very clear, but because the cars already in the roundabout have the right of way you are forced to wait.

Unpredictable traffic is the way of life here. Even if a place is only a kilometre away, you are safer leaving your house an hour ahead of time or even just walking. But laziness and pride makes walking to be frowned upon. The worst traffic jams are every Friday – when it rains even a little, you can even sleep in the road.”

Below is the list of the worst traffic jams:
1.       Bangkok, Thailand
2.      Jakarta, Indonesia
3.      Nairobi, Kenya
4.      Manila, Philippines
5.      Mumbia, India
6.      Kampala, Uganda
7.      Lexington, Kentucky, US
8.     Austin, Texas, US
9.      Seoul, South Korea
10.  Dhaka, Bangladesh
Source:The Kenyan DAILY POST




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