Gay and lesbian awards: was this Kenya’s darkest day?


People of faith need to pray and pray harder.

History will judge us harshly if we hide our heads in relation to the Sodom like manifestation witnessed last weekend at Charter Hall.

It doesn’t help matters that the same premise holds church service on Sunday whose aim is to shape people to righteous morality as laid in the scriptures.

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The Kenya Human Rights Commission and the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission [NGLHRC] reportedly decide to honor lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, intersex and queers for their “contribution” to the Kenyan society.

Their “friends” who comprised of employers, politicians even journalists who value them were too, fated for advancing “equality”.

Was money involved to turn the once esteemed KHRC and a select part of our media?  We all recall what the Bible holds of money -the root of all evil; could this root be nourishing these loathsome leaves of morality confusion, unbiblical and even unafrican ways that turned Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes?

The church and many of us are in a dilemma and we must wake up to guard against its growth and subsequent spread.

I believe that a national repentance and prayer is in order following this happening..

The writer, Robert Amalemba, is a Kenyan residing in Kakamega.

 By Robert Amalemba

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