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Pokomo, Orma united during Governor’s oath

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Tana River, Coast: Rival Pokomo and Orma communities today put aside their differences to witness Governor elect Hussein Dado take the oath of office.

In a ceremony conducted by Mombasa judge Justice Martine Muya and Principal Magistrate Liz Lyne Gicheha, the Tana River County leader  promised to foster ethnic reconciliation among the two communities.

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He said he adminstration would prevent a return to the tribal violence that caused no less than 200
deaths between August last year and early this year.

Following the chaos according to Red Cross statistics over 15,000 were left homeless after their houses were torched and were currently leaving in temporary camps in Idsoe, Dide waride,Kibusu and Witu.

Another 15,000 people fled their homes due to the insecurity and were currently leaving in the neigbouring Lamu,Magarini,Malindi and Mombasa districts.

However Kenya Redcross,Safaricom and other donors have embarked on the construction of over 800 houses that were destroyed following the clashes.

In the neighbouring Kilifi county, Governor Amason Kingi put on notice people allocated land irregularily of no sympathy during his swearing in at Karisa Maitha grounds.

He said that people who acquired land illegaly in the area should surrender it to the county or  else it be taken forcefully.

The governor urged the National Land Commission to start investigating all land parcels acquired illegally in the area and report to the County government for action to be taken.

The governor said squatership among area people was a big problem and said his government will ensure that problem is solved.

“Our big problem in Kilifi county is landlesssnes among our area people something which was cauded by grabbing of the indigeneous peoples lands,” said Kingi

The  governor who  was accompanied by the county senator Mr Stewart Madzayo  urged those who got land to starting surrendering that as his government will take then back.


Only two county representatives out of ten attended the swearing of Lamu County governor  Issa Timamy (UDF)  at Mkunguni square in Lamu town.

“As the governor of Lamu County I am ready and willing to serve all people of Lamu irrespective of their former political affiliations and party coalitions but will not entertain diversionary tactics being
employed by some misguided elements out to protect their ill –gotten wealth,” said the governor as he accused rivals of trying to sabotage the swearing in ceremony.

He said will cooperate with rivals to foster reconciliation and stimulate the local economy.

Timamy said his administration will ensure quality education is realized through well equipped schools.

He also promised to improve health standards through primary health care and well equipped hospital.
The governor said he will ensure every district hospital has a resident doctor and specialists deployed regularly to check special needs.

He pledged to work with the national government, the private sector and the civil society to stimulate local investment and ensure that the people of Lamu County are given priority when jobs are created by the upcoming Lamu Port.
Timamy also pledged to develop the fishing industry, tourism and agriculture through better marketing.
The governor said he will develop infrastructure and improve supply of electricity and piped water to improve the economy and sanitation.


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