Ugandan sucked into Kenya ICC trial wants probe stopped

Nairobi, Kenya: Ugandan national David Matsanga wants the International Criminal Court (ICC) Appeals Chamber to compel Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to halt investigations against him.

Matsanga said Bensouda is still investigating him over intimidation and exposure of witnesses’ allegations adding what he revealed about Witness Four is true.

“I have asked the appeal chamber to review the decision they made,” Matsanga said on Thursday.

He explained that he is the one who exposed witness 4 for lying to the court and the prosecutor in deed confirmed that the same witness had lied to the court leading to dropping of charges against former head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura.

He said he has faced discrimination for what he termed as defending the truth and also exposing alleged flaws in the ICC investigations in the Kenyan cases.

“I have psychologically suffered. Every hotel I go to eat food they say; ‘this is the ICC man,” he claimed.

In a submission to the ICC Appeals Chamber, Matsanga has claimed that the process is political.

Matsanga further said the ICC should drop charges against President elect Uhuru Kenyatta his deputy William Ruto and former radio personality Joshua arap Sang owing to the inconsistencies and doubts raised over witnesses and their evidence.

He said the three should not stand trial since the ICC process has suffered after key witnesses were dropped including their evidence.

During the status conference the prosecution said a total of 13 witnesses had been dropped in the two Kenyan cases.

When the court started investigations into the post election violence in Kenya, it settled on six suspects three of who have had their charged dropped before the start of trials.

Kenyatta has asked the trial chamber to drop his charges after evidence by witness four was dropped.

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